LILY ALLEN – Smile (CD Promo)

Smile Promo CoverRegal LILY002: May 2006
1. Smile
“I couldn’t stop laughin’, no I just couldn’t help myself, see it messed up my mental health, I was quite unwell”
2. Smile (Instrumental)

Hey Lily Allen fans, you can now get a new promo for ‘Smile’ if you look on Ebay (It’s going for about £10, from my last look). Unlike the ‘LDN’ promo 7″, this time it’s on CD, but the packaging is designed to look like a 45. It’s great to hear this pop gem in it’s full glory, rather than the tinny mp3 that’s been kicking around. Sadly it’s a radio version, so the hilarious line “But you we’re fuckin’ that girl next door” has been snipped out in a less than subtle way. It isn’t her strongest track, but if you’re already a Lily fan you’ll know it’s got some pretty stiff competition. Even so, I’m sure the least of Lily’s tracks are destined for chart glory.

You’ll need this CD for the ‘Instrumental’ version, in case it isn’t on the full release. Without Lily’s wonderful vocals captivating your attention, you’re left to fully appreciate the music. It’s all about the subtle production flourishes, like the mellow Double Bass, the Procal Harum Organ and the Jazz Piano tinkling away. Every time I listen I spot something new, quietly making it’s contribution in the background.

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You can also get 10 Lily Allen demos from LimeWire (With her blessing I understand)

Lily Allen MySpace Page

4 Comments to “LILY ALLEN – Smile (CD Promo)”

  1. I like Smile, one of my fav Lily Allen tracks I’ve heard so far. Nice write up. 🙂

  2. Thanks. Just heard ‘Smile’ being played on the radio for the first time yesterday. Excellent.

  3. i heard ‘smile’ on the album chart show yesterday. i like it. i like the reggae feel.

  4. You are in luck, ‘Smile’ isn’t even close to being her best track. Still ace though. Fllow this link to get an mp3 of the track that ‘Smile’ samples:

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