THE SPINTO BAND – Did I Tell You? (CD Single)

Did I Tell You CoverRadiate RDTCDX17 / RDTS17: 22nd May 2006
1. Did I Tell You?
"Since it's a holiday I'll leave you alone, dial six numbers and then hang up the phone"
2. My Special Car
"I make my truck go, yeah, if it doesn't run, my truck will explode, yeah"
3. Did I Tell You? (Radio Session)
"One, and a two, and a, you know what to do"
4. Pilots
"When I saw the moon, for the first time, and I thought about life, for the first time"

The Spinto Band have two main songwriters, Nick Krill and Thomas Hughes. I think Hughes is the better writer because he wrote gems like 'Brown Boxes', 'Misogyny Is Cool' and their last single 'Direct To Helmet'. So this single is Krill's chance to shine, because he's written 'Did I Tell You?' and the B-side 'My Special Car'.

The lyrics of 'Did I Tell You?' are spat out with such speed that his tongue is almost tripping over its self to keep up with his brain. It's an exhilarating sugar sweet rush of off-centre Indie Pop. The best bit is when it stops for a fraction of a second at 2.17 and then crashes back in. 'Did I Tell You?' is also represented by a lovely semi-acoustic Radio recording. I'm sad to report that 'My Special Car' sounds like a cover of 'Buck Rogers' by Feeder, but much slower, so it drags like a three-hour video about Stamp collecting. It makes me pine for Feeder, which is a sorry state of affairs indeed. Nick, you've blown it, but I'll give you another chance.  Last track 'Pilots' is written by part-time member, Albert Birney (He also does some of their Artwork and Videos). It's a gentle, spaced out song that reminds me of Arthur Lee.

This record is worth buying just for the two strangely affecting Dog portraits. They seem to speak of an inquisitive spirit, of a resolute purpose and of an inner nobility (Erm… have I eaten something funny?). The single is also dedicated to "Deerhead Omar Hughes Jr 1992-2005". Who I assume was the family dog.

Watch 'Oh Mandy' (Jools Holland) on YouTube
Watch 'Brown Boxes' (Jools Holland) on YouTube

The Spinto Band Website / The Spinto Band MySpace Page

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