MySpace Demos ImageUploaded: Early 2006
1. I Hate The Blues (Demo)

"The flowers in the window are getting old, and as the time passes by the wind blows"
2. Love Turns To Hate (Demo)
"The time has come to roll the die, but in the end you pay the price"

I'd heard a while ago that TEMBD had put up new Demos on their MySpace page. But for some strange reason I've only just got round to downloading them. It's still the familiar Ian Curtis fronting The Cramps sound that we all love (Well, I love them anyway).

'I Hate The Blues' is your average boy likes girl, girl hates boy, so boy puts the whole world to the sword type of love song. It's got what sounds like Egyptian slaves chanting in the background (Not that I've ever been to Ancient Egypt). 'Love Turns To Hate' veers a little too close to pure Metal for my complete listening pleasure. It's got a chorus that sounds like The Killers. But only if Brandon Flowers was replaced by Charles Mansun. I would say the future looks bright for TEMBD, but somehow 'Bright' isn't a word I would associate with them.

Click on the tracks to download them, or visit their MySpace page.

TEMBD Website / TEMBD MySpace Page / TEMBD Fansite

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