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June 11, 2006

LIAM FROST & THE SLOWDOWN FAMILY – The Mourners Of St Paul’s (CD & 7″ Singles)

The Mourners Of St Paul's CoverLavolta LAVOLTA004 / LAVOLTA004X: 5th June 2006
1. The Mourners Of St Paul's
"I'm 12 years older, I can't stay sober, and there's a bluebird in my heart that’s caged and it can't sing, so fill your bloodlines up with bourbon kid and this won't sting, it's like the slowing of your senses just might solve something, let the mourners of St. Pauls lead the parade"
2. Into Your Arms
"Put on your pretty dress, and maybe sing a song for me, be it loud or out of key"
3. A Fever & The Shifting
"And so I'm waiting for a train, I've been acting like a dickhead, and there's some things I should explain"

If you even remotely like Arcade Fire I'd strongly suggest grabbing a copy of this release by Manchester's Liam Frost. I usually quote one line from each song I review, but with this I had to quote a whole verse, it's just so well written.

'The Mourners Of St Paul's' seems to be about Liam finally coming to terms with his father's death. Like Arcade Fire's songs, 'The Mourners Of St Paul's' has two halves. The first is a Piano led lament and the second arrives with a cathartic explosion of noise when he sings the line "Let the mourners of St. Pauls lead the parade".

The two B-sides are quiet acoustic numbers that don't try to compete with the towering beauty of the A-side. The delicate Guitar picking on 'Into Your Arms' reminded me of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. 'A Fever & The Shifting' reminds me of Bright Eyes (The singer not the song), but it's so much warmer. The way Liam's voice cracks when he sings "Train" is heart breaking.

I've loved 'I Woke Up From The Strangest Dream' since I heard it on last year's 'Power Overload' compilation, but I'd missed out on his first EP. I'll be sure to get myself a copy from Ebay, because I wouldn't want to miss anything from this incredible new talent.

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