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June 15, 2006

THE STREETS – Never Went To Church (2x CD Singles)

Never Went To Church Cover679 Recordings 679L132CD1 / 679L132CD2: 5th June 2006
1. Never Went To Church (Radio Edit, Album Version & Acoustic Version)
"You put your hand up and interrupt the conversation with a but, people say I interrupt people with the same look"
2. When You Wasn't Famous (Example MC Version)
"For Elton John to write a song about candles, you ain't gotta feature in loads of scandals"
3. Never Went To Church (Guillemots Version)
"I just get a bit scared every now and then, hope I've made you proud"
4. Prangin' Out (Instrumental)

'Never Went To Church' stood out as an obvious single and I did wonder if Mike Skinner would give it a release to coincide with Father's Day. Many have said that it's just his attempt to write another 'Dry Your Eyes', but if this is Mike Skinner not really trying, well look out everyone else. The painful details he reveals about his father's death make you feel like you're almost intruding. I don't know how he sings it every night on tour without cracking up. The line "I forgot you left me behind, to remind me of you" is so earth shattering profound, you could think about it for hours on end. It's a Piano led, Gospel tinged masterpiece that I have to whistle along with. There is a 'Radio Edit' and an 'Album Version', but I can't tell the difference. The beautiful 'Acoustic Version' fully reveals the strong influence of Paul McCartney's 'Let It Be'.

Mike Skinner has always cherished the B-side as much as I do. Most of his singles feature a new 'MC' version, which is often better than the original. This time it comes courtesy of Example. He's mellowed out the sound and written new lyrics focusing on the possible risk to life and limb associated with being a celebrity. The Guillemots' cover of 'Never Went To Church' is half genius and half irritating. The start and the end are done in a spine tingling Jason Pierce style. But in the middle there's a minute long cacophony of voices, muttering the lyrics like some kind of morbid conference call. But hey, that's the Guillemots, often they can touch your soul, but sometimes they can make pretentious bollocks. The Instrumental of 'Prangin' Out' is fairly unessential, please can we have an Instrumental of 'When You Wasn’t Famous'?

There is also a DVD available that features the hilarious video for the Professor Green version of 'When You Wasn't Famous' (Featuring Jodie March).

Here are links to watch the videos for 'Never Went To Church' and 'When You Wasn't Famous' on YouTube.

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