THE RESEARCH – The Hard Times (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

The Hard Times CoverAt Large Recordings FUGCD015 / FUG015 / FUGX015: 5th June 2006
1. The Hard Times
"There's a narrative about that song, they were friends and then it all went wrong, they say one was fast and one was strong"
2. When I'm Lonely Who's Gonna Care?
"I started believing the things they implied, they said that she came and went with the tide"
3. Before The Summer Dies
"I wanna domesticate his wondering eyes, I wanna be as close as summer nights"
4. Black, Black Magic
"And God forbid, she ever did, the unthinkable… I can't even think of it"

'The Hard Times' was a B-side to The Research's finest single, 'The Way You Used To Smile'. It's very good, but couldn't they have released something new as an A-side? Anyway, it's a wonderfully bouncy, Organ driven tune that you won't be able to resist.

'When I'm Lonely Who's Gonna Care?' is a lovely Country influenced nursery rhyme. 'Before The Summer Dies' has the same gleeful use of bad language as "Don't Marry Her' by The Beautiful South with the chorus "I wanna fuck, before the summer dies". It's also sounds like The Velvet Underground, but the Velvets on Smarties rather than Heroin. 'Black, Black Magic' is gentle acoustic ballad that reminded me of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of 'Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World'.

Here are links to watch videos of 'The Hard Times', 'Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same', 'The Way You Used To Smile', 'C'mon Chameleon' and 'She's Not Leaving'.

The Research Website / The Research MySpace Page


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