WHITEY – Wrap It Up (CD Single)

Wrap It Up CoverMarquis Cha Cha CHACHA010CD: 14th April 2006
1. Wrap It Up
"You may well say, how could this happen to you, you may well ask, but you may not like the truth"
2. I Made Myself Invisible
"Walkin' around, opening their mouths, putting things in, letting things come out"

I seem to remember my brother raving about this single when it came out.  For some reason I didn't get myself a copy when it was released.  Well, I've got one now and he was right, it's fantastic, so if you can still buy it, I suggest you do.

'Wrap It Up' has an absolutely pummelling Drum sound, dissonant electronic noises, pulsating Bass and shouts of "Get Even!".  It's like Beck guesting on a track by LCD Soundsystem (Yep, it's that good).  'I Made Myself Invisible' is the sound of paranoia, with a Bass line borrowed from Dr Who.  It's like Beck making a track with Eels (Once again, it really is that good).

Click here to watch the video for 'Non Stop' on YouTube.

Whitey MySpace Page
Marquis Cha Cha Website / Marquis Cha Cha MySpace Page


4 Comments to “WHITEY – Wrap It Up (CD Single)”

  1. Raving!! I believe I raved, played it repeatedly, whooped with joy, danced, and generally demanded that you bow down and worship at the turntable on which it spun (oh ok it was itunes)
    afterwards I believe you made a noise that closely resembled… meh

    You want to listen to your old brother some times… wanders off into distance muttering under breath..

    Glad you “geting it” now… its amazing… and how it wasnt a hit i’ll never know. This is what Franz Ferdinand would sound like if they were as good as they think they are.

  2. I thought my post might get that reaction. Didn’t you play ‘Wrap It Up’ down the phone to me once? Here are the excuses.

    I don’t think Piccadilly stocked it when it was released. And if Piccadilly don’t stock something I don’t tend to buy it. It’s usually too much bother to search Pure Groove, Sister Ray, Rough Trade etc as well as searching Piccadilly’s 100-200 new records each week.

    Also, I think I might have got Whitey and Snow White mixed up. I bought a Snow White record once, not a mistake I wanted to repeat.

  3. yeah yeah yeah 😉

    I bought my copies at piccadilly…

    Totally on point with your comments about Guillemots cover of Streets. Such a shame as the first minute is genius

  4. Great work – thank you for the info! I’ve just managed to find a CD copy (at a reasonable price!) and bought it. This should have been a massive hit!

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