BATTLE – Children (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Children CoverTransgressive TRANS030CD / TRANS030 / TRANS030X: 12th June 2006
1. Children
"Grown men cry, all the time, maybe they're relatively heart broken, maybe they're relatively sad"
2. Talk Of Ghosts
"I want my feet again, the lights are off, I checked, I locked the windows and the doors"
3. Oxygen
"No matter what you sell, I still buy it, I still buy it, your devastating eyes, justifies it, justifies it"
4. Children (Union Of Knives Remix)
"I am just a human being, yeah, that is hardly worth dying for"

Here's single number four from Jason Bavanandan and the boys from Battle. If you've not heard Battle before, the easiest way to describe them is, Robert Smith fronting Bloc Party.

'Children' is all about Jason's performance. Like when he sighs "If we are the only ones" or the way he belches out words like "Children" and "Grown" like he's Linda Blair. Also when he shrieks "Take" it sounds like someone just jabbed a red-hot poker in his eye.

'Talk Of Ghosts's angry shouts of "You let your children down" links up with the A-side and I love the way Jason hisses "Start". 'Oxygen' is one of their best B-sides. It seems to equate being helplessly in love with our inability to survive without Oxygen. The 'Union Of Knives Remix' takes 'Children' in a dreamy electronic direction but it's a just a bit bland.

This single is good, but it's not quite enough. I'm still waiting for them to come up with something that eclipses their second single 'Demons'. As with all Battle's releases, it's accompanied by a wonderful painting by Melissa Bavanandan (I'm guessing she's Jason's sister).

Damascus mp3
Feel The Same (Jeremy Warmsley's Evil Words Remix) mp3
I Never Stopped mp3
One More Night mp3

Here are links to watch the videos for 'Children', 'Tendency' & 'Demons'.

Battle Website / Battle MySpace Page
Battle Fansite / Battle Blog / Transgressive Website


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