CIRCUITS – Radio Silence / Half Read Book (7″ Single)

Radio Silence, Half Read Book CoverTry Science Records TRYS001: 12th June 2006
1. Radio Silence
"No news like bad news, but the only news today, is that your old views are, resigned to yesterday"
2. Half Read Book
"This is taking some time, to come up with the reply, and the mirror on the wall, doesn't look me in the eye"

Musically this double A-side is pretty basic Pop-Punk, with a hint of Ska.  It just does it better than everyone else.  It made me want to dance around like I was having an Epileptic fit.

On 'Radio Silence' the words are belted out with an infectious joy.   It's got shouts of "It's not big! It's not clever!", and "Today" is sang in the same way that Freddie Mercury sang "Dayo!".  Behind the upbeat exterior is a lyric raging against the lazy media (God, If I here those fucking sheep use the word "Dour" to describe Gordon Brown one more time…  Try writing something original! Okay, Rant over).

'Half Read Book' is an internal monologue about self-defeat.  It describes disconnection from society in the same way that David Byrne often did.  Again the music is so gloriously exciting that this message is almost like icing on the cake (Speaking of unfinished works, I've got to get round to writing the rest of that "50 best albums ever" piece).

The lyrics to both songs are printed on each side of the cover as part of the artwork.  Why can't all bands do this, be proud of your lyrics guys.  If you join Circuits' mailing list, they'll give you an mp3 of 'Radio Silence' for free!  But you really need both these tracks.

Click here to buy the single from HMV.

Circuits Website / Circuits MySpace Page / Try Science MySpace Page


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