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June 21, 2006


Stapleton Dartz SplitGravity Dip DIP029: 12th June 2006
1. Stapleton – Happy Homes & The Hearts That Make Them
"Birthdays as milestones make me sad, birthdays as millstones round our necks"
2. Stapleton – Northwest Corners
"Reigning champion, a crown of thorns, an awkward fit"
3. Dartz! – Prego Triangolos
"This was the one place I could hide, but now I'm left with space and lines"
4. Dartz! – Documents
"A yellow paper canvas with cells, for your conclusions, sign the dotted line, and law will make it truthful"

This is the follow up to January’s fantastic Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. & Dave House (Dave House designed the artwork for this release too) split EP from Gravity Dip records. This time, instead of two Folk influenced acts, we've got an Emo band called Stapleton (Wait, don't run away, they're actually really good) and an Art-Rock group called Dartz!.

'Happy Homes & The Hearts That Make Them' hasn't just got a long title, it's also got an enormously catchy, if slightly morbid chorus. It's got the same pulsing waves of sound that Elbow create. Musically 'Northwest Corners' reminds me of Sufjan Stevens, but the abstract lyrics are more reminiscent of At The Drive-In.

I first heard Dartz! when they featured on one of Xtra Mile Recordings' 7"s, with their brilliant song 'Fantastic Apparatus'. 'Prego Triangolos' starts off like a Franz Ferdinand stomper and then an irresistible Eastern flavoured Guitar riff crashes in. 'Documents' is a protest song railing against having to fill out forms. Next time you're asked to fill in a piece of paper, try shouting the lyrics at the person behind the counter… see what happens (Probably, security will escort you from the building).

Click here to buy the 10" straight from Gravity Dip.

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