THE RUMBLE STRIPS – Hate Me You Do (7″ Single)

Hate Me You Do CoverTrangressive TRANS029A: 19th June 2006
1. Hate Me You Do
"My Television, your Television, in different rooms, oh, I can hear you laughing, can you hear me laughing too, you hate me you do"
2. Girls & Weather
"And she's smiling, so I'm smiling too, but I know that she's filing, me away, under waste of space"

'Hate Me You Do' is even better than 'Motorcycle', which is some achievement. Tom Gorbutt's Saxophone takes center stage and you won't be able to get it out of your head… "Baaaah-bah-da-da-baah-da-baaah". It's backed by marching Drums and the story of an estranged couple. Charlie Waller's vocals are the most exciting, impassioned thing since Kevin Rowland first shouted, "For God's sake, burn it down!".

'Girls & Weather' is a more downbeat song but the subject is similar. Listen to the defiant way Charlie sings "Down" so it somehow feels like "Up".

If you want more of that Rumble Strips' sound, buy a copy of Absentee's new album 'Schmotime'. It's the wonderful sound of Lambchop exploring an Indie direction and The Rumble Strips play all the Brass parts. Click here to buy it from HMV.

Here are two links to watch the videos for 'Motorcycle' and 'Hate Me You Do'.

Motorcycle mp3
My Oh My mp3
4 Walls mp3

The Rumble Strips Website / The Rumble Strips MySpace Page

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