LUXEMBOURG – We Only Stayed Together For The Kids (CD Single)

We Only Stayed Together For The Kids CoverDogbox Records BOX11CD: 12th June 2006
1. We Only Stayed Together For The Kids
"I stuck around for you, you stuck to me like glue, turned Sandra down for you, and now I hear that you did too"
2. A Secret Public
"Keep your secrets, well secreted, if you don't they, get repeated"

This is the second new single from Luxembourg since 2004's 'Best Kept Secret' (One of the all time great debut albums, which had a subtitle that read "This is not our debut album"). If you've not heard Luxembourg, boy have you been missing out. Singer David Shah is a combination of the yearning emotion of Morrissey and the grimy wit of Jarvis Cocker. Behind him the band provide a canvas of angular Guitars and glistening Synthesisers, set to irresistible pop tunes.

The Drums on 'We Only Stayed Together For The Kids' have a heavy Phil Spector sound. It's the story of a couple struggling to stay together. Listen to the agonised way David sings "Pain" at the peak of the song. Then it all stops and the Bass guitar comes back in and it builds back up for the finish.

'A Secret Public' is a tale of paranoia that is perfectly captured in the sinister Bass line. It's like one of those whispered dramas that you can find on any of Pulp's albums. It's an incredible performance from David, he hisses "Secrets", he moans "Know" and he absolutely belts out "Gold". He must have thought a lot about how every word should sound.

How a major label hasn’t snapped up these five guys yet is beyond my powers of comprehension. Below are four free mps including 'A Little Bit More' (It has to be one of the greatest songs ever written).

Close-Cropped mp3
Success Is Never Enough (Edit) mp3
(I Need) A Little Bit More (Than You Can Give Me) mp3
Pin Me Down mp3

Click here to buy 'We Only Stayed Together For The Kids'.
Click here to buy 'Luxembourg Vs Great Britain'.
Click here to buy 'Best Kept Secret: Demos & Rarities 2001-2004'.

Luxembourg Website / Luxembourg MySpace Page
Dog Box Website / The New Pop Revolution MySpace Page

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