EDITORS – Blood (Re-Issue CD & 10″ Singles)

Blood CoverKitchenware Records SKCD87 / SKX87: 19th June 2006
1. Blood (Single Version)
“There’s nothing believable, in being honest, so cover your lies up, with another promise”
2. Orange Crush
“We are agents of the free, I’ve had my fun, and now it’s time, to serve your conscience overseas, coming in fast, over me”
3. Camera (Oakenfold Remix)
“Look at us through the lens of a camera, does it remove all of our pain, if we run they’ll look in the back room, where we hide all of our feelings”
4. Road To Nowhere (Napster Live Session)
“Well we know where we’re going, but we don’t know where we’ve been, and we know what we’re knowing, but we can’t say what we’ve seen”
5. Camera (Obscured By J. Spaceman)

Because of their obvious Joy Division influences many casual listeners may dismiss Editors as purveyors of depressive Drone-Rock. But I find them to be the exact opposite, just listen to the final line of ‘Blood’, “If there’s hope in your heart, it will flow to every part”. The release schedule of Editors’ singles has been as follows, ‘Bullets’, ‘Munich’, ‘Blood’, ‘Bullets’, ‘Munich’, ‘All Sparks’ and now ‘Blood’ again. Normally when a band does this many re-releases I’d be feeding their records through a shredder (Or maybe just putting them on Ebay, for some more tolerant people to buy). But Editors have always backed their singles with B-sides of such quality that I’ve come to doubt their sanity. What sane band would put songs as good as ‘Forest Fire’ and ‘Time To Slow Down’ on the flip side? But as The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s album title reads “Thank god for mental illness”.

Ever wondered what Coldplay fronted by Ian Curtis, covering R.E.M. would sound like? Okay, probably you hadn’t, but you’ll be glad that Editors did, because their cover of ‘Orange Crush’ is great. ‘Orange Crush’ was Michael Stipe’s ode to his Dad’s days as a Chopper pilot in Vietnam. Since Iraq is fast becoming the new Vietnam, it seems well worth revisting. No one would doubt the leftfield Pop genius of Talking Heads’ ‘Road To Nowhere’. But when you fill a record with such mind bogglingly brilliant sounds, the vocal enevitalbly isn’t going to be at center stage. Editor’s version redresses this by extending the accapella intro to the whole length. Tom Smith’s incredible vocal starkly showcases the song’s haunting lyrics. Just listen to the way he drags every drop of emotion out of the word “Care”.

Paul Oakenfold extends ‘Camera’ to 7.44 and brings in a House sound. The line “Eyes closed… beautiful” has been picked out because it would work really well in a club. Jason Pierce doesn’t extend ‘Camera’s length by much, but somehow it feels longer. It reminds me of Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s cover of “Music For A Found Harmonium”. It’s very atmospheric, but sadly it never really goes anywhere.

Click here to download some artwork I made for a B-sides collection CD.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Blood’ on YouTube.

Editors Website / Editors MySpace Page
Editors Fansite

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