YEAH YEAH YEAHS – Turn Into (CD Single)

Turn Into CoverPolydor 1700277: 19th June 2006
1. Turn Into
“Can’t say why I kept this from you, my those quiet eyes become you”
2. Turn Into (Nick Zinner Remix)
“I know, what I know, I know, on the car ride down, I hear it in my head real low”
3. Maps (Live At Roseland Ballroom, 2nd May 2006)
“Made off, don’t stray, my kind’s your kind, I’ll stay the same”

After buying Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ thrilling live DVD that featured five or six new songs (Only ‘Cheated Hearts’ was eventually included on the album) I had high expectations. So when ‘Show Your Bones’ was released I must confess that I was disappointed, but maybe it’s a grower. Every review I’ve read of the album, whether positive or negative, said that the last track ‘Turn Into’ was a masterpiece.

‘Turn Into’ is a real grower, once I got over my expectations I came to love this song (And even whistle along to it). It really takes off when the powerful Piano comes in and that’s then followed by Nick Zinner’s squealing Guitar solo. He’s made his Guitar sound like a Theramin, and you might just have to whip out your own air-Guitar and play along. As usual Karen O’s voice is magical, like on ‘Maps’ her voice slowly builds in intensity. You never hear where she gets louder, harsher, more sorrowful or angry, it’s just seamless. The ‘Nick Zinner Remix’ introduces heavier Drums right from the start. As a result the slow rising power of the song is diminished and it no longer matches Karen O’s voice.

The last track is a delicate live version of ‘Maps’ (Undeniably, Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ best song). Nick plays the riff for two minutes before Karen starts singing, so the audience is going crazy with excitement. The moment where the crowd all sing “They don’t love you, like I love you” is spine-tingling. I would love to have been there, it reminded me of when Jack White stood in a single spotlight and played a spellbinding version of ‘Five String Serenade’ at the Brixton Academy (I wish I could get a bootleg of that, I’ve searched everywhere).

I loved album opener ‘Gold Lion’ and now I adore album closer ‘Turn Into’. I’ll have to give the songs in-between another chance.

Here are links to watch the videos for ‘Turn Into’, ‘Maps’ acoustic Radio session and the live version of ‘Maps’ on YouTube.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Website / Yeah Yeah Yeahs MySpace Page
Bang Fansite / Rockers To Swallow Fansite

One Comment to “YEAH YEAH YEAHS – Turn Into (CD Single)”

  1. i cant find this single anywhere. Do you know where i can find it?

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