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July 1, 2006

BEST FWENDS – Second Seven Inch (7″ EP)

Second Seven Inch CoverMoshi Moshi MOSHI33: 26th June 2006
1. Skate Or Live
“Another kid who kicks and screams, artificial images, play, when it’s not your day”
2. Ultimate Teem
“Jump up, jump down, drop in, drop out”
3. Get Cleen (Feat. Pay 10)
“Tigers on Vaseline, we don’t give a fuck, but we’re nice and clean”
4. Aww Some
“Make you’re parents scream and shout, have you’re time till time ran out, this is what we’re all about”
5. D.E.E.T.

The Moshi Moshi website describes Best Fwends as “Retarded anti-pop music made by two musical idiot savants from Texas with a cheap computer”. Also if you’ve listened to the music supplied with the games for a ZX Spectrum then you’ll have a fare idea. Together all five songs are only just over seven minutes long.

‘Skate Or Live’ is a mix of The Go! Team and pile-driving Synthesisers. The Drums on ‘Ultimate Teem’ sound like they’re in the room with you. It’s like Yumi-Yumi and Polysics having a big party. ‘Get Cleen’ is like The Moldy Peaches covering The Beastie Boys. It’s the best of the five tracks. ‘Aww Some’ is the Chicks On Speed forming a cheerleading squad. ‘D.E.E.T.’ is a short fuzzy instrumental to round the EP off.

This is Pop music of the most insane, messed up, joyous and ludicrous kind. Thank God for Best Fwends. I’m addicted, I’m gonna have to track down their other records. The words are delivered at a breakneck pace, so I’ve probably miss-quoted the lyrics.

Click here to watch an interview/documentary about Best Fwends on YouTube (I laughed ’til I almost died).

Click here to watch a Bacardi advert that uses an incredible Best Fwends track (It’s not off this EP, so I couldn’t say what it’s called). Also click here to see what they spent the $17,000 on.

Best Fwends MySpace Page / Moshi Moshi Website