iLiKETRAiNS – Progress – Reform (Mini CD Album)

Progress Reform CoverFierce Panda NONG43CD: 26th June 2006
1. Terra Nova
“Exploration’s last great prize, it wasn’t mine, and mores the shame, you will remember my name”
2. No Military Parade
“Here’s to success, this ones for Amundsen, though I drink to anyone, these days”
3. A Rook House For Bobby
“All I ever wanted to do, is play chess with you, but if they find me, they will indite me, I just can’t fight, anymore”
4. Citizen
“It’s the least you can do, to endear yourself to, your new home”
5. The Accident
“It was such a lovely party, before the accident occurred, the ambulance came and took you away, before the coffee was served”
6. Stainless Steel
“Please don’t go into the kitchen, that’s where the knives are, and I won’t be held responsible”
7. The Beeching Report
“Is this the price we pay for progress, taking one step forward, for every six we take back, does your dirty oil stained money make you happy”

The word ‘Epic’ is very appropriate to describe iLiKETRAiNS. They produce towering songs, haunting soundscapes and cacophonous noise. There are only seven songs on this Mini-Album but it’s as long as most bands LPs. What isn’t there is often more important than what is. The songs build to deafening levels of noise, only for them to drop into atmospheric, near silence when you least expect it. Also many times there will be a devastating word that is whispered and then an echoing void in which to contemplate it. It collects the four tracks that made up their last two singles (Except ‘No Military Parade’ is a superior, string-laden version of ‘Terra Nova’s B-side, ‘Fram’). The other three songs have been doing the rounds in demo form for a while.

iLiKETRAiNS songs are usually either claustrophobic tales of death, or chronicles of historical figures and events. ‘Terra Nova’ and ‘No Military Parade’ concern the British and Norwegian expeditions to the South Pole in 1910. ‘A Rook House For Bobby’ gets into the head of disturbed Chess Grandmaster Bobby Fischer. ‘Citizen’ explores feelings of displacement. ‘The Accident’ is about a poisoning, but it doesn’t explain the motives (It’s left for you to fill in the gaps). ‘Stainless Steel’ seems to be about a person killing an unfaithful lover or an abusive partner. Finally ‘The Beeching Report’ mourns the thousands of people who lost their jobs as a result of a 1960’s Railway restructuring plan.

These are not songs for the easily bored. A certain amount of effort is required of the listener. Doing some reading around the subjects that the band covers enriches the songs. Here are links to entries on Wikipedia about the Terra Nova, the Fram, Captain Scott, Roald Amundsen, Bobby Fischer and Dr Beeching.

Click here to download a multitude of iLiKETRAiNS demos.

iLiKETRAiNS Website / iLiKETRAiNS MySpace Page

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