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July 3, 2006

LARRIKIN LOVE – Downing Street Kindling (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Downing Street Kindling CoverInfectious Records WEA409CD / WEA409 / WEA409X: 26th June 2006
1. Downing Street Kindling
“So I will, burn a fire in Westminster, using the door of Downing Street, and when Tony rushes out complaining of a draft, I’ll let him warm his feet”
2. Dead Long Dead
“There’s never an end to the stream of passing feet, driving, hurrying, marrying, burying, clammer and rumbles, and bringing and clatter, and hear beneath it’s all as bad”
3. Is It December?
“Let’s put on our fancy clothes, and take a walk to the looking point”
4. Downing Street Kindling (Refix)
“Who says, there has to a beach to wear a bathing suit, well I would, lie on pebbles lavishly, but London’s pebbles are dirt”

It was the fantastic B-side to Larrikin Love’s debut single that first caught my attention. Then they followed that with the glorious ‘Happy As Annie’, but the quality dipped slightly on the last single ‘Edwould’ and it’s B-sides. But ‘Downing Street Kindling’ is the single where Edward Larrikin and his boys finally live up to all the promise.

‘Downing Street Kindling’ is the kind of messed up state-of-the-nation address we’ve not heard since the Manics wore eyeliner. It’s a witty plea for Englanders to broaden their horizons, set to the kind of music that Babyshambles delude themselves into thinking they make. ‘Grindie’ miester Statik has done many remixes for Larrikin Love and this is easily his best. Aside from the vocals, the ‘Downing Street Kindling (Refix)’ is a totally new song. It’s heavier on the Bass with a brilliant Gogol Bordello gypsy fiddle. It features guest appearances by Drew McConnell from Babyshambles (So they have at least one talented member), Rob Skipper from The Holloways and Lethal Bizzle (David Cameron’s arch nemesis). I’ve wrestled with the question as to which version of ‘Downing Street Kindling’ is the best. They both have their moments, but in the end… I’ll let you decide.

‘Dead Long Dead’ is a folk song with simply magical Guitar parts and dreamy Beatles-esque tape loops. The fact that the lyrics are the words of a corpse moaning about the noise of the living above him, just adds to its dark charm (The words are taken from ‘Maud’ by Tennyson). ‘Is It December?’ has a gently rolling rhythm that I would describe as ‘Summery’, if it weren’t for the title. It seems to be about trying to snatch a few last glimpses of beauty before death.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Six Queens’, ‘Happy As Annie’, ‘Downing Street Kindling (Time Machine Version)’ and ‘Downing Street Kindling (Super-8 Version)’ on YouTube.

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