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July 8, 2006


Dead Funny CoverDomino RUG228CD: 3rd July 2006
1. Dead Funny
“I am a Disco dancer, you always move on too, I am a Disco dancer, I’m gonna dance for you”
2. Fire Horse (With Duke Garwood)
“Come and take it, if you really want, there is nothing left on me”
3. Dead Funny (Four Tet Vocal Remix)
“I am a stone cold mason, you built a wall round you, I am a cold stone breaker, I’ll make a break for you”

‘Dead Funny’ has a strangely danceable beat, but it’s a strange dance in which somebody has pressed the slow-motion button. It’s an insular Blues number with the pummelling power of Elbow and a hint of Psychedelia. It’s capped off by the manic bleating of vocalist Sam Windett (His voice reminded me of ‘My Red Cell’, what happened to that band, they we’re great). In the words he declares himself to be a loner, but he’s met another loner, and now he just wants to be alone with her. To conjure this up he throws out phrases like “Lone horse rider”, “Deep Sea diver” and “You built a wall round you”.

‘Fire Horse’ is very similar to ‘Dead Funny’ but it doesn’t have the same spark. But the scream of “I’ve got a devil, on my shoulder” is fantastic. Four Tet’s remix of ‘Dead Funny’ swaps the heavy Blues sound for oddly beautiful bleeping sounds. These and other electronic noises make it sound like the laboratory in a 50s Sci-fi movie. I’m not saying that it’s better than the original version, but it comes damn close.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Dead Funny’ on YouTube.

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July 8, 2006

JAMIE T – Turn To Monsters (12″ Promo)

Turn To Monsters Cover12RDJ6694: July 2006
1. Turn To Monsters
“I’m the oldest man in the family, I might be just a teenager, but my minds much sharper than anybody’s, and dads just a drink, drink, drunker”

I was browsing on Ebay and I found this one-sided 12″ that said it was an unreleased remix of Gorillaz’s ‘Kids With Guns’ by Jamie T.  After listening to it, I’d say that it’s better described as a Jamie T song that samples the Gorillaz.  He only samples part of the record and he’s written entirely new lyrics.

The music is a delirious mix of Steel-Drums, pulsating Bass, wonky Violins, fidgety Guitars, sexy Piano parts and Damon Albarn’s melancholy chorus.  Jamie T’s words are about a rebellious son, or probably more accurately a proper little shit in the Nick Cotton mould.  It’s a bitter song that ends with the vitriolic line “I’m the killer of a happy family, and that’s fine with you, is it fine with me, fine fuck off and die”

If you find a copy, buy it, you won’t regret it.

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