JAMIE T – Turn To Monsters (12″ Promo)

Turn To Monsters Cover12RDJ6694: July 2006
1. Turn To Monsters
“I’m the oldest man in the family, I might be just a teenager, but my minds much sharper than anybody’s, and dads just a drink, drink, drunker”

I was browsing on Ebay and I found this one-sided 12″ that said it was an unreleased remix of Gorillaz’s ‘Kids With Guns’ by Jamie T.  After listening to it, I’d say that it’s better described as a Jamie T song that samples the Gorillaz.  He only samples part of the record and he’s written entirely new lyrics.

The music is a delirious mix of Steel-Drums, pulsating Bass, wonky Violins, fidgety Guitars, sexy Piano parts and Damon Albarn’s melancholy chorus.  Jamie T’s words are about a rebellious son, or probably more accurately a proper little shit in the Nick Cotton mould.  It’s a bitter song that ends with the vitriolic line “I’m the killer of a happy family, and that’s fine with you, is it fine with me, fine fuck off and die”

If you find a copy, buy it, you won’t regret it.

Jamie T Website / Jamie T MySpace Page
Gorillaz Website / Gorillaz MySpace Page


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