JAWBONE – Chug A Lug (7″ Single)

Chug A Lug CoverLoose VJS5: 3rd July 2006
1. Chug A Lug
“Chug a lug and we drank our fill, and I swallered it with a smile, brrrrrrr… I run ten miles”
2. Get Rhythm
“Shoeshine boy never get low down, he’s got the dirtiest job in town, bendin’ low at the peoples’ feet, on the windy corner of a dirty street”

‘Jawbone’ is a Bluesman who makes “Pre-last war post-next war blues” (According to the sleeve of this single anyway). If you’ve heard Two Gallants you’ll have an idea, but imagine if they’d been gargling with bleach.

Both of these songs are covers, I’m sure you know that ‘Get Rhythm’ was by Johnny Cash. ‘Chug A Lug’ was originally by Roger Miller, of ‘King Of The Road’ fame (I’ll have to investigate further into his discography). ‘Chug A Lug’ is about the joys of sneaking a sip of illicit moonshine when no one is watching. ‘Get Rhythm’ describes Johnny Cash’s excitement at discovering Rhythm and Blues.

This piece of vinyl is sure to brighten your day, go get yourself a copy.

4-11-44 mp3
My Daddy mp3

Chug A Lug (Roger Miller Original) mp3
Get Rhythm (Johnny Cash Original) mp3

Click here to watch Jawbone perform ‘Hi-De-Hi’, live at The Faversham, Leeds in April 2006 on YouTube.

Jawbone Website / Jawbone MySpace Page


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