REGINA SPEKTOR – On The Radio (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

On The Radio CoverWEA W718CD / W718 / W718X: 3rd July 2006
1. On The Radio
“On the radio, you’ll here ‘November Rain’, that solo’s awful long, but it’s a good refrain, you’ll listen to it twice, because the DJ is asleep”
2. Düsseldorf
“In Berlin, stopped by the Polizei, for drunk drivin’, everyone smiled, in Prague I knew I’d been a witch, burnt alive, a pyre of Soviet Kitsch”
3. Ain’t No Cover (Live At Bull Moose)
“The sun is setting, the day is done, good night, my lover, good night, my son, I shouldn’t bother, he’s eight miles high, but I love mother, ’til the day that I die”
4. 20 Years Of Snow (Live At Shepherds Bush)
“He’s a wounded animal, he lives in a matchbox, he’s a wounded animal, and he’s been coming around here, he’s a dying breed”

At long last, ‘On The Radio’ is the first new material from Regina Spektor since 2004’s ‘Soviet Kitsch’ album. The music is a delicate mix of handclaps, swirling Synths, Strings and gorgeous Pianos. But as usual the star is Regina’s endearingly eccentric vocals. Listen to the way she sings “Stor-er-um” instead of “Storm” or the way she sings “Bam bah-bam bah-bam bam” and then echoes it on the Piano.

‘Düsseldorf’ is what it would sound like if Sufjan Stevens’ sister did a rival project about the European States. I don’t know if it’s real or imagined, but it takes the form of a diary describing all the weird and wonderful things she’s seen in Europe. Ain’t No Cover’ is a haunting accapella song in the style of Jeff Buckley. The only accompaniment is the tapping of her feet, which mimics a heartbeat. ’20 Years Of Snow’ seems to be about regret, but being Regina, the lyrics use pretty abstract images, like “Mappy maps” or “Pissing on sugarcubes” (Not sure if that’s a Björk dis… probably not). The bit at end where she guns the audience down with her vocals has to be heard to believed.

I’ve just heard that Regina has lauched her new album ‘Begin To Hope’ in a new Online world called ‘Second Life’. So if you’ve signed up you can go to a virtual loft with other virtual people, listen to a virtual copy of the album, meet a virtual Regina, watch a virtual performance, attend a virtual launch party, have a virtual conversation about the album, sat on virtual couches in the said virtual loft, in a virtual world, virtually! This is the first I’ve heard of this baffling new concept. Click here to read a press release. Click here to watch some dude exploring Regina’s loft on YouTube (This is not a euphemism). Click here to read an article about it in The Observer.

Click here to play a highly addictive game of ‘Spektris’.

Visit Regina’s fan sites for oodles of mp3s and extensive lyrics.

Click here to watch the video for ‘On The Radio’ on YouTube.

Regina Spektor Website / Regina Spektor MySpace Page
I♥Regina Fan Site / Regina Spektor Net Fan Site


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  1. “this is not a euphemism.” funny!

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