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July 12, 2006

PEACHES – Downtown (CD & 7″ Singles)

Downtown CoverXL Recordings XLS235CD / XLS235: 3rd July 2006
1. Downtown
“Caves for bravin’, flags for wavin’, clubs for ravin’, roads for pavin’, rivers for sailin’, stores unveilin’, walls for scalin’, temples for wailin'”
2. Hanky Code
“To the left, or the right, don’t you know you better know your hanky code tonight”
3. Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
“Show you my thing, show you my thing, ’cause I wanna take you downtown, downtown”
4. Damage
“Kicked the bottle and I threw it away, now I’m lost and ready to play”

Initially I was a little underwhelmed by ‘Downtown’. Peaches has rounded off a few of the edges in a bid for the mainstream. Instead of just screeching “Fuck the pain away” she’s moved on to innuendo like “Touched a monolith and it caused a hysteria”. But after a few listens I really got into its Kylie sounds and cheeky lyrics. It’s not up there with her best and sleaziest work but it’s worth a listen. Simian Mobile Disco turns ‘Downtown’ into the kind of Euro dance stuff that litters the charts, but the twist is that it’s completely amazing. It’s double the length and features massive chunky beats and filthy Synthesisers.

‘Hanky Code’ easily outclasses the A-side with its mix of Prince and Kraftwerk. It’s basically an instruction manual on the etiquette of the ‘Hanky Code’. On the back of the sleeve Peaches is sporting a pink hanky in her left pocket, which isn’t actually covered in the song. But a quick Google search leads me to believe that she’s apparently a “Dildo wielder”. This seems about right judging by her press shots and a description of her live show I’ve heard. ‘Damage’ sounds like the motorbike sound effects from that old ‘Kickstart’ game.

Here are links to watch videos of Peaches listening to her new album, recording her new album, performing ‘AA XXX’ and covering ‘War Pigs’ with The Flaming Lips on YouTube.

Click here for the Christian hanky code of here for the Goth hanky code.

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