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July 13, 2006

JAMIE T – Sheila (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Sheila CoverVirgin VSCDT1917 / VS1917 / VSX1917: 3rd July 2006
1. Sheila
“Jack had a gang that he called ‘The Many Grams’, he was known as ‘Smack Jack the cracker man’, in life he was dealt some shit hands, but the boys got the back now”
2. Sheila (Live @ Panic Prevention Disco)
“Well her lingo went from the cockney to the gringo, any time she sing a song, the other girls sing along, and told all the fellas, lady is single, fickle way to tickle on my young mans tipple”
3. Northern Line
“Oh my goody gosh darn it, chattin’ to Barney from High Barnet, with no barnet, about how he cert do love it, a young son muppet, with my ma’s Gin ‘n’ Tonic, and I’m pukin’ up all over your Capri car bonnet”
4. Down To The Subway
“She’s bleeding, who’s gonna get her outta this place, it not me, not a gentlemen’s race”

Jamie T has a love of the English language but he knows the beauty of it is in the way it constantly changes and evolves. He mixes it up, spits out tongue twisters and adds bits just for way the words sound. Like it says in ‘Sheila’, “Blue blooded murder of the English tongue”. It combines the Pop appeal of ‘Salvador’ with the lyrical intricacy of ‘Back In The Game’. It’s about three troubled souls, Sheila, Jack and Georgina. They don’t know each other but they are linked together when loneliness leads to drink and in turn leads to their untimely deaths. The music is a mix of gliding Strings, clattering Drums and a beautiful summery Organ. A live acoustic version is also included which gives you a chance to fully appreciate Jamie’s words and listen to the crowd’s shouts of “London” (Check the bit where only one person shouts “London” and Jamie retorts, “That’s feeble”). It’s easily his best single to date.

With ‘Northern Line’, this could have easily been a double A-side. It’s a lot closer to a straight up Rap song than his other work. Your fingers, arms, legs, toes or any part of your body is going to move to this tune. Even so, it’s crying out for a further injection of dancefloor energy, especially the line “You move when you groovin’, you loose what you loosin’… etc” (Somebody remix it please). ‘Down To The Subway’ is another great track that brings some Jazz flavoured Piano to the mix. It isn’t in the same league as the other two songs but it still makes a worthy B-side.

You need this single if only for the artwork which features a physical representation of Jamie’s influences. There’s a Clash album, a Larrikin Love single, a Cymbal, loads of Cassettes, Wine, Cigarettes and even a half eaten Lasagne. See what you can spot, I see something new each time I look at it. Lastly, if you look on Ebay there is a three track promo with an essential Instrumental version of Sheila on. It’s well worth getting a copy.

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Sheila (Live On Transmission) mp3 / YouTube Video

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