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July 15, 2006

RAZORLIGHT – In The Morning (2x CD & 7″ Singles)

In The Morning CoverMercury 1701088 / 1702000 / 1701087: 3rd July 2006
1. In The Morning
“You’re still out there darling, clinging on to the wrong ideas but, I never regret anything I done”
2. Black Jeans
“We ran through Whitechapel, I felt the summer warm glow, I wore a silver chain and black jeans darling, and he, he was the last to know”
3. Doctor, Doctor
“Above all it made me sick, I wanted the truth, but he just licked his lips and smiled, and that’s just the price ya payin'”
4. What’s It All About?
“Got electrocuted by an Iron the other week, don’t know much about it, mine is pretty beat”
5. Get It & Go (Live From Brixton)
“We talked all night about suicide, and she said if this is living, how come I never feel alive”

Ah, Johnny Borrel and the boys from Razorlight return to remind everyone of their complete mastery of a Pop-Rock tune. In June 2004 something wonderful and something unfortunate happened to Razorlight. ‘Golden Touch’ went absolutely interstellar, but that song was by in way representative of the harder Punk sound of the rest of their output. So they released the stop-gap single ‘Somewhere Else’ in an attempt to replicate the sound of ‘Golden Touch’. It was another great single but it seemed that the mainstream had tamed them a little.

‘In The Morning’ brings back allot of the edge, if not quite as ragged as early singles like ‘Rip It Up’. The Bass, the Guitar, the vocals, the mix… everything about this song is perfection and they make it sound so effortless. The calls of “Are you really gonna do it this time?” at the end are a particular highlight.

‘Black Jeans’ reminds me of one of those quite acoustic songs that The Libertines did so well. It’s filled with nostalgia, like when Johnny sings “They played a song on the radio” and backing vocals drift in to sing that song’s chorus. ‘Doctor, Doctor’ starts off like a sad Glam-Pop ballad by either Bowie or Elton John. Then at 1.40 a wave optimism comes in and it turns into a Springsteen epic. It’s finished off with an achingly beautiful Piano coda (Get those lighters ready if they play it on tour).

“What’s It All About?” is written and performed by Drummer Andy Burrows. As Rudi said to Spider in the Mighty Boosh “I think that it is perhaps something to be saved for your solo project”. Last up is a live version of ‘Get It & Go’ (A highlight from their first album). It’s an example of how good Razorlight can be live. Listen to the way the band fade out, and Johnny, backed by a single Guitar, belts out the line “If you’re hangin’, on my words yeah, well that’s alright with me” (I’m sure the crowd were). Then the band positively explode back in for a final thrashing of their instruments.

Here are links to the videos for ‘Rip It Up’, ‘Stumble & Fall’, ‘Golden Touch’, ‘Vice’, ‘Somewhere Else’ and ‘In The Morning’ on YouTube.

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