THE VICHY GOVERNMENT – Suspended On Full Pay (Free Download Single)

Suspended On Full Pay CoverFilthy Little Angels LITTLE0005: 5th June 2006
1. Suspended On Full Pay
“I kindly informed that stupid bitch, I thought her brains were full of shit, her McPerience® had clearly left her resentful, she had no right to act like a mental”
2. Whore Of Babylon
“Mrs T always said society didn’t exist, and this place proves it, everyone’s a godless hedonist”

This is yet another completely free single from the wonderful Vichy Government! aka Jamie Manners and Andrew Chilton. With their spoken word meets Casio toy Piano sound they are truly a band like no other. These two new tracks come closer to normal songs than their other work (Like how close New York is to London, compared to how close the Earth is to the Sun).

You know that scene where Edward Norton threatens to kill his work mates in ‘Fight Club’? Well ‘Suspended On Full Pay’ is a bit like that scene in song form. Check the artwork to read the (Genuine?) letter informing Jamie of his suspension. ‘Whore Of Babylon’ covers similar debauched ground as ‘Oliver Cromwell In Weimar Berlin’ except that instead of showing disdain, it revels in excess. One day The Vichy Government are gonna be on the news. It could be for having an unexpected number one single, or it could be because they’ve been arrested for mass murder. Frankly, It could be either.

Suspended On Full Pay mp3
Whore Of Babylon mp3
One Less White Christmas (One More Widow) mp3
Christmas Is Cancelled (Cover of The Long Blondes) mp3
Elvis & The Beatles mp3
Luke Haines Is Dead mp3

Here is the Front and Back artwork for the single or just visit here.

The Vichy Government Website / The Vichy Government MySpace Page
Filthy Little Angels Website / Filthy Little Angels MySpace Page


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