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July 20, 2006

JIM NOIR – Eanie Meany (Re-Issue 2x CD & 7″ Singles)

Eanie Meany CoverMy Dad Recordings MY011CD / MY011CDX / MY011: 10th July 2006
1. Eanie Meany (Radio Mix, Album Mix and Fatboy Slim Remix)
“If you don’t give my football back, I’m gonna get my dad on you, I only kicked it over your fence, and broke a silly Gnome or two”
2. That’s Not Her
“Music on the radio, is her only escape from the day, she feels so low”
3. Ordinary Man
“Some people think our life is dull, the same thing day and night, some people think we must be bored, and my god, they’re right”

This is a re-release of Jim Noir’s very first record, the one that made me fall in love with his quirky Pop sounds back in Christmas 2004. Now a year and a half later he’s put it out again to coincide with the World Cup, which ended just before this hit the shops, which isn’t the best timing. Of course if you’ve heard Jim live you’ll know that ‘My Patch’ would have made a much better footie tune, imagine thousands of drunk idiots chanting “If you ever step on my patch, I’ll bring you down”.

I pressed play and thought wow ‘Eanie Meany’ is such a great track, but today it sounds totally unbelievable. I then realised that Jim has grafted on extra Drums to the ‘Radio Mix’ that totally transform the track. The down side is that the ‘Album Mix’ now sounds totally shite. There are a lot of Fatboy Slim haters out there and I’m not usually one of them. But he really has phoned his Remix in this time. It’s got handclaps, extra Guitars and that trademark swirling music and building drums bit at 2.30. As previous Remixers of Jim have realised, Pop wise he can’t be improved on, so they’ve taken his sound in new directions.

Jim has also included two brand new tracks focusing on a girl and boy wishing to escape a life of drudgery. They’re not up to the standard of his singles but they make pretty good B-sides.

Here are links to watch the videos for ‘A Quiet Man’, ‘My Patch’, ‘Eanie Meany’ and ‘The Making Of Eanie Meany’ on YouTube.

Click here to play Jim’s Pythonesque ‘Football Time’ online game.

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