LADYFUZZ – Oh Marie! (Re-Issue CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Oh Marie CoverTransgressive TRANS033CD / TRANS033 / TRANS033X: 10th July 2006
1. Oh Marie!
“A lover of drama, wants to take all the leads, yer, hinting that heart just won’t get you the part”
2. Do You Think?
“What’s the time frame for your love, for the need to grow much stronger, so that I can pull this off”
3. I Never Talk To Strangers (With Dan Michaelson)
“Your life’s a dime store novel, this town is full of guys like you, and you’re looking for someone, to take the place of her”
4. Oh Marie! (GoodBooks Short Story)
“This season’s fashion, a crime of passion”
5. Oh Marie! (Jeremy Warmsley Gospel Truth Edition)
“Hush now for Marie is asleep, in the twilight between her sheets and her dreams”

This is a re-release of Ladyfuzz’s first single, from January 2005. Mathematically speaking I should like ‘Oh Marie!’, it’s got a pumping Bass sound, danceable Drums, great surf Guitar and Liz Neumayr’s oddly endearing vocals. But somehow it just doesn’t do anything for me, it seems too clinically Arty. B-side ‘Do You Think?’ is a twisted Lo-Fi blues song with a  brilliant Xylophone solo.

I’m not a big Ladyfuzz fan but I had to buy this release because it has a B-side featuring Dan Michaelson from Absentee (And I’m a huge Absentee fan). It’s a cover of Tom Waits and Bette Midler’s classic song ‘I Never Talk To Strangers’. It’s odd that I’ve never noticed before how much Dan sounds like Tom Waits. Vocally it’s an improvement, which might sound like sacrilege, but Dan’s voice is more velvety and Liz’s voice is more eccentric. Musically the Piano and Sax is ditched for a Guitar and a hell of a lot of background noise, which spoils it a bit.

GoodBooks’ ‘Short Story’ Remix creates an entirely new background of glitchy beeps and sound effects that build steadily towards the end. Jeremy Warmsley’s ‘Gospel Truth Edition’ Remix slows Liz’s voice right down so it sounds like Linda Blair. It’s a brilliantly bizarre reworking that never does anything you’d expect and ends with a piercing scream drenched in feedback. To paraphrase Alan Partridge, in my opinion these Remixes are superior in essence to the original.

Click here to buy the ‘Transgressive Singles Collection’ that contains the original release of ‘Oh Marie!’ from Amazon for £11.99.

Ladyfuzz Website / Ladyfuzz MySpace Page
Absentee Website / Absentee MySpace Page
GoodBooks Website / GoodBooks MySpace Page
Jeremy Warmsley Website / Jeremy Warmsley MySpace Page


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