GOOSE – Black Gloves (7″ Single)

Black Gloves CoverSkint SKINT120: 17th July 2006
1. Black Gloves
2. Black Gloves (Extended)

‘Black Gloves’ has one of the most insistently pulsating grooves since The Chemical Brothers last rocked out (And that was quite a while ago). It’s got an ominous Gary Numan like bit in the middle, which is just an excuse to thrillingly build the song back up again. By the end you’ll probably be frenetically jumping around the room. So when the song comes to an abrupt halt at 2.38 while in full flow, you’ll be left breathless and scrambling to flip the record over and hear the ‘Extended’ version. It builds up slower and mercifully it comes down slower too. ‘Black Gloves’ doesn’t have any vocals and it’s very repetitive so at some point I may loose interest… but right now it’s rocking my world.

Here are links to watch videos for ‘Black Gloves’ and ‘The Making Of Black Gloves’ on YouTube. It’s one of those great videos we’re a very small budget has been used to stunning effect.

Goose MySpace Page

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