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July 25, 2006

KID HARPOON – The River, The Ocean, The Pearl (CD Single)

The River, The Ocean, The Pearl CoverBrik A Brak Records BRKCD02: 10th July 2006
1. Riverside
“Lets fish for gold and throw off our rags, paint a new scene, where the shopping trolley snags”
2. It’s Time
“Feel the pins and needles, rushing up the spine, shooting stars, fill my eyes”

The music of ‘Riverside’ keeps threatening to explode at any moment.  Kid Harpoon’s voice has the same tension, as it slips from an angelic falsetto to an angry snarl.  ‘It’s Time’ is a gentle acoustic number that allows Kid Harpoon to show his more mellow side.

The CD is worth buying just for the excellent ‘Noggin The Nog’ style artwork.

It’s Time (Demo) mp3
Fifty Seven (Demo) mp3
Childish Dreaming (Demo) mp3
Late For The Devil (Demo) mp3

Kid Harpoon Website / Kid Harpoon MySpace Page
Brik A Brak Records Website / Noggin The Nog Fansite

July 25, 2006

THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS – Paul Simon (7″ Single)

Paul Simon CoverMemphis Industries MI068S: 17th July 2006
1. Paul Simon
“I’m so burnt out, I’m a shell now, it’s the worst of lows, it’s the first to go, it’s the last to come back, when the sun melts the snow”
2. The Plight Of The Flightless Bird
“Hey did you ever know that years are just slippery numbers, and that I still get chills when I hear Paul sing ‘Golden Slumbers'”

‘Paul Simon’ isn’t about the man himself, it’s more about recreating the glorious Brass sound of his finest moment ‘You Can Call Me Al’. Almost hidden beneath the triumphant sound are some truly brilliant and quite dark lyrics. ‘The Plight Of The Flightless Bird’ starts off like The Beach Boys before morphing into The Postal Service. Once again the lyrics are fantastic.

‘Paul Simon’ is taken from their new compilation ‘Me Myself & Rye: An Introduction To The Russian Futurists’ and ‘The Plight Of The Flightless Bird’ is from an earlier album. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this brilliant Canadian band before… well, better late than never.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Paul Simon’ on YouTube.

Click here to buy ‘Me Myself & Rye’ from HMV for only £8.99.

The Russian Futurists Website / The Russian Futurists MySpace Page

July 25, 2006

GRAHAM COXON – I Can’t Look At Your Skin / What’s He Got? (2x 7″ EP)

I Can't Look At Your Skin, What's He GotParlophone R6702: 17th July 2006
1. I Can’t Look At Your Skin
“Better start making changes, before they put you away, shooting looks down every street, feral kid with no beliefs”
2. Time For Heroes
“Oh it’s eating, it’s chewing me up, it’s not right for young lungs to be coughing up blood, and it’s all, it’s all in my hands, and it’s all up the walls”
3. What’s He Got?
“Saw you on the corner by the cash machine, you made the cutest couple that I ever did see”
4. Outta My League, Dear
“Will you burst my bubble, will you burn me down, will knock me out, will you bring me round, would you kiss me back from the brink of death, would you sacrifice one good clean breath”

This is a nice double 7″ package with two A-sides and two B-sides.  There seems to have been a screw up at the record plant because the A-sides appear on the first 7″ and the B-sides on the second, despite what the labels say.  ‘I Can’t Look At Your Skin’ brings to mind great Pop-Punk bands like The Ramones and The Undertones.  You’ll be banging your head along to the endless shouts of “I can’t look at your skin, ‘Cos it’s doing me in” at the end.  The other A-side ‘What’s He Got?’ harks back to the American Rock ‘n’ Roll of the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Despite a great Harmonica solo it’s the lesser of the two A-sides.

Graham’s cover of The Libertines ‘Time For Heroes’ isn’t as good as the original but it did succeed in reminding of how good they used to be.  His voice is much clearer than Pete Doherty’s which highlights what a great lyricist he was.  Lines like “I passed myself down on my knees, tell me what can you want, when you’ve got it all, the whole scene is obscene, time will strip it away” show his uncanny ability to diagnose his problems, but sadly not to treat them.  With it’s handclaps ‘Outta My League, Dear’ is reminiscent of the early Pop sound of The Rolling Stones.  It’s easily the best of the four tracks.

Click here to watch Jamie Theakston interview Blur for Rock Profile “It’s not my fault, nobody showed me how to work the machines!”.

Graham Coxon Website / Graham Coxon MySpace Page
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July 25, 2006

FRANZ FERDINAND – Eleanor Put Your Boots On (CD & 7″ Singles)

Eleanor Put Your Boots On CoverDomino RUG234CD / RUG234: 17th July 2006
1. Eleanor Put Your Boots On (Single Version)
“Eleanor put those boots back on, kick the heels into the Brooklyn dirt, I know it isn’t dignified to run”
2. Ghost In A Ditch
“We end it, it’s all over, she’ll marry me but I’ll hold her, she shovelled the dirt into my face, but I don’t care”
3. Fade Together (Avalanches Remix)
“So far away, oh God you are so far away, let’s fade together, let’s fade forever”
4. Wine In The Afternoon
“So this is summer, and the Calor gas, is running low, but I don’t mind, I’m doing things and doing them with… you”

Franz Ferdinand have recorded a new version of ‘Eleanor Put Your Boots On’ using a Banjo.  It doesn’t really work and isn’t an improvement on the powerful Guitars and Pianos of the original.  I’m not sure if the lyrics are about suicide, liberation or perhaps both.  ‘Ghost In A Ditch’ is a song steeped in bloody murder, which is sung by Nick McCarthy in a Syd Barrett style.  On ‘Wine In The Afternoon’ Alex paints a life of poverty as a romantic life, because he’s got a bottle of Wine and the one he loves.  It’s got a new lyrical attention for detail and a great sing-a-long chorus.  The A-side and these two B-sides seem to be exploring a new Folk influenced sound.  It’s promising, but I wouldn’t advise them to drop the old Franz stomp just yet.

If you’re expecting bizarre cut up records and unusual samples on the ‘Avalanches Remix’ then you might be disappointed.  What you get instead is like the Jazzier moments of the Bladerunner score (I keep expecting Harrison Ford’s world-weary voice to pop in) or like a rainy day spent listening to ‘Kind Of Blue’.  The dreamy soundscape they’ve created perfectly compliments Alex’s sighs.

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Here are links to watch videos of ‘Darts Of Pleasure’, ‘Take Me Out’, ‘Matinee’, ‘Michael’, ‘Do You Want To’, ‘Walk Away’, ‘The Fallen’, ‘L. Wells’ and ‘Eleanor Put Your Boots On’ on YouTube.

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