FRANZ FERDINAND – Eleanor Put Your Boots On (CD & 7″ Singles)

Eleanor Put Your Boots On CoverDomino RUG234CD / RUG234: 17th July 2006
1. Eleanor Put Your Boots On (Single Version)
“Eleanor put those boots back on, kick the heels into the Brooklyn dirt, I know it isn’t dignified to run”
2. Ghost In A Ditch
“We end it, it’s all over, she’ll marry me but I’ll hold her, she shovelled the dirt into my face, but I don’t care”
3. Fade Together (Avalanches Remix)
“So far away, oh God you are so far away, let’s fade together, let’s fade forever”
4. Wine In The Afternoon
“So this is summer, and the Calor gas, is running low, but I don’t mind, I’m doing things and doing them with… you”

Franz Ferdinand have recorded a new version of ‘Eleanor Put Your Boots On’ using a Banjo.  It doesn’t really work and isn’t an improvement on the powerful Guitars and Pianos of the original.  I’m not sure if the lyrics are about suicide, liberation or perhaps both.  ‘Ghost In A Ditch’ is a song steeped in bloody murder, which is sung by Nick McCarthy in a Syd Barrett style.  On ‘Wine In The Afternoon’ Alex paints a life of poverty as a romantic life, because he’s got a bottle of Wine and the one he loves.  It’s got a new lyrical attention for detail and a great sing-a-long chorus.  The A-side and these two B-sides seem to be exploring a new Folk influenced sound.  It’s promising, but I wouldn’t advise them to drop the old Franz stomp just yet.

If you’re expecting bizarre cut up records and unusual samples on the ‘Avalanches Remix’ then you might be disappointed.  What you get instead is like the Jazzier moments of the Bladerunner score (I keep expecting Harrison Ford’s world-weary voice to pop in) or like a rainy day spent listening to ‘Kind Of Blue’.  The dreamy soundscape they’ve created perfectly compliments Alex’s sighs.

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Here are links to watch videos of ‘Darts Of Pleasure’, ‘Take Me Out’, ‘Matinee’, ‘Michael’, ‘Do You Want To’, ‘Walk Away’, ‘The Fallen’, ‘L. Wells’ and ‘Eleanor Put Your Boots On’ on YouTube.

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6 Comments to “FRANZ FERDINAND – Eleanor Put Your Boots On (CD & 7″ Singles)”

  1. It does sound remarkably like Alex, but unless they secretly re-recorded for special use in the remix, that’s actually Nick singing in “Fade Together.” 🙂

    It’s rather nice to hear them really take advantage of the b-sides as a chance to branch out into different styles. And are those horns I hear in the background? Excellent. Now we’re just waiting on Bob to sing…

  2. Re:Kristie. How do you know it is Nick? (As with most FF releases, the liner notes are pretty sparse) It sounds exactly like Alex!

    I think the 3rd LP might sound very different to the first two.

  3. Fade together is sung by Alex and i am damn sure about that! plus i doubt you will ever hear Bob sing as i remember in an interview him saying “i will never sing in one of our songs”, so dont get your hopes up! 😛 Franz Ferdinand are wooness! x bye

  4. Re: Sinita. That’s two votes for Alex one for Nick.



  5. lol wooness! its a made up term (kinda obvious) meaning so f**cking good! just without having to use that word. x bye

  6. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

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