THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS – Paul Simon (7″ Single)

Paul Simon CoverMemphis Industries MI068S: 17th July 2006
1. Paul Simon
“I’m so burnt out, I’m a shell now, it’s the worst of lows, it’s the first to go, it’s the last to come back, when the sun melts the snow”
2. The Plight Of The Flightless Bird
“Hey did you ever know that years are just slippery numbers, and that I still get chills when I hear Paul sing ‘Golden Slumbers'”

‘Paul Simon’ isn’t about the man himself, it’s more about recreating the glorious Brass sound of his finest moment ‘You Can Call Me Al’. Almost hidden beneath the triumphant sound are some truly brilliant and quite dark lyrics. ‘The Plight Of The Flightless Bird’ starts off like The Beach Boys before morphing into The Postal Service. Once again the lyrics are fantastic.

‘Paul Simon’ is taken from their new compilation ‘Me Myself & Rye: An Introduction To The Russian Futurists’ and ‘The Plight Of The Flightless Bird’ is from an earlier album. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this brilliant Canadian band before… well, better late than never.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Paul Simon’ on YouTube.

Click here to buy ‘Me Myself & Rye’ from HMV for only £8.99.

The Russian Futurists Website / The Russian Futurists MySpace Page

8 Comments to “THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS – Paul Simon (7″ Single)”

  1. Hey,
    nice site, good reviews (havn’t heard this band before but Kid Harpoon and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly are fantastic.) If you really like the Russian Futurists check out the REAL russian futurists, as in the 1920’s poets! Myakovsky is the best, check out the poem, Cloud in Trousers.
    Just thought i’d spread the ideas, you know.
    Sammy jay

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sammy.
    I checked a bit of Myakovsky out. Liked the line “The doors suddenly banged ta-ra-bang, as though the hotel’s teeth chattered” from ‘A Cloud in Trousers’.

  3. hope you don’t mind if i repost about this. paul simon is one hell of a song. i love it when a tune hooks me at first listen. thanks.

  4. re: mjrc. great isn’t it, they’ve already had a few albums out. + the drawing on the front is wonderful. was way ahead of the curve, it was no.56 in his tunes of 2005.

  5. your bro is one heck of a blogger! are you going to get to see trf when they’re in england?

  6. Re: mjrc. probably not, they aren’t playing anyway near me, sadly.

  7. just thought i’d let you know, i found a copy of “the method of modern love” in the used bin yesterday. psych!!

  8. Re: mjrc. It’s great to bag a bargain. I just got ‘Gods and monsters’ by ‘I Am Kloot’ (Which is usually £15.99 or there abouts) for £3.00 + a bonus live DVD, Insanity!

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