Killing Flaw CoverFitzrovian Phonographic FITZ001: 24th July 2006
1. Killing Flaw
“You don’t know, can’t take much more, ’cause here it comes, killing flaw”
2. Below The Plough
“Dry winds done, so what’s up now, all alone, below the plough”

‘Killing Flaw’ is a dissonant mess, like a more fucked up Yeah Yeah Yeahs or a more insane Velvet Underground, so basically a little bit on the raw side. Benjamin Prosser howls about being “Fucking low” while his band ‘The Tap Collective’ destroy their instruments. At first it just sounds like noise but it soon sucks you in with its tribal rhythms and violent Guitars.

Far superior is ‘Below The Plough’ which is credited to just ‘Benjamin Prosser’ and has a totally different sound. If you’ve heard Kurt Cobain’s painful acoustic performance for MTV then you’ll have some idea. It’s a haunting, echoey and mysterious masterpiece that is best listened to in the dark for added atmosphere.

The 7″ packaging is some of the best I’ve seen. It comes as a Jukebox 45 in a plastic slip surrounded by a hand-written lyric sheet and drawing (Apparently the paper is made from recycled bank notes). This is then wrapped in two transparent sheets that have the beautiful label artwork and information. It’s all contained in a re-sealable bag and has two badges chucked in as well. When you’re unpacking it you feel like you should be wearing those white museum curator gloves. It’s Fitzrovian Phonographic’s first release and is limited to just 250 copies.

In the event that you can’t get a copy, all is not lost because Benjamin is giving ‘Below The Plough’ away free.

Below The Plough mp3
Remembrance mp3
Idle Hands mp3

Benjamin Prosser MySpace Page
Fitzrovian Phonographic MySpace Page / Rim Records Website

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