THE MARDY BUMS – Who The Ch*ff Are The…. Mardy Bums (7″ Single)

Who The Ch*ff Are The.... Mardy Bums CoverThee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation SPC012: 24th July 2006
1. Put Wood In Hole
“Ubiquitous brass, chestnut cliché, cobblestone path, Scargill toupee, Hoxton fin, put it in the bin, sir, botanical bear, anyone for wicker?”
2. Does It Say Doormat On Me Back?
“Yes I’ve got two quid for the bus, no that’s not enough for both of us”

Are they a real band, are they a piss take or are they a heartfelt tribute? Whatever the truth behind The Mardy Bums, they’ve recorded two damn fine tunes. Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation actually introduced the world to the Arctic Monkeys by giving them a slot on one of their long sold out Fanzine CDs. So if anyone’s got a right to release this record they do.

‘Put Wood In Hole’ is absolutely irresistible, if you don’t sing along with the shouts of “You tight arsed bugger, you tight arsed bugger, you posh southern get” you’re obviously dead inside or perhaps you’ve just suffered a sense-of-humour-ectomy. Between the chorus’, stereotypical regional images like Ferrets, Flat caps and Whippets are fired out like shotgun pellets. ‘Does It Say Doormat On Me Back?’ is a downbeat ballad and that’s almost as good as the A-side. It’s got that finely balanced mix of humour and sorrow that marks out brilliant song writing.

The back of the sleeve comes with a selection of abusive forum comments by Arctic Monkeys fans like “Jesus wept”, “Is this a joke?” and “What a bunch of fucking losers”. To which The Mardy Bums reply “Ta very much for all the comments, we’re reyt encouraged by wot you’ve said”. On the inside of the sleeve is a photo of Sean Bean as Sharpe, and for me his catch-phrase was always “You bugger!”. The band members are also listed as Oliver, Piers, Tarquin and Barty!

I’ve just read on their MySpace page that Piers has quit after a “shooting incident”, James left in “acrimony” and Barty left due to “exhaustion”.

Click here to buy the 7″ for only £3.

Click here to watch a video of stills from Sharpe cut against ‘Mardy Bum’ by Arctic Monkeys. Or here for a video about Sharpe and Harper’s friendship cut to ‘Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?’.

The Mardy Bums MySpace Page
Thee SPC Website / Thee SPC MySpace Page
Arctic Monkeys Website / Arctic Monkeys MySpace Page

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