DUELS – The Slow Build (2x 7″ EP)

The Slow Build CoverNude NUDS766: 24th July 2006
1. The Slow Build
“The slow build, the sound that the trains make, lonely people are too late, the hum of the television talking to no-one”
2. Sleepwalking
“She packed her things on a Wednesday right, he’d never made a mistake, it’s best it was a clean break”
3. Anniversary
“The colours faded from the perfect view, a window seat, pictures of youth”
4. Into Gas
“Suddenly every thing that you believed, starts to seem, that it is flawed, or ill-conceived”

I thought that Duels’ first single ‘Potential Futures / Young Believers’ was very promising.  Then they followed that with the disappointing ‘Pressure On You’ and ‘Animal’ singles.  But just as I lost my faith in Duels they come up with a masterstroke like ‘The Slow Build’.

‘The Slow Build’ takes in big themes like disillusion with modern life and the crumbling of society, but despite these subjects there is an underlying feeling of hope.  On previous releases Duels’ debt to Bowie was obvious but with this song they’ve also brought in influences like Morrissey and Robert Wyatt.  The title is apt since it takes more than four of it’s five minute length to reach the climax.  But it justifies every second it takes to get there.

‘Sleepwalking’ is the sound of Grandaddy turning their hand to anthemic Rock.  ‘Anniversary’ is a devastatingly beautiful acoustic ballad culminating in the heart breaking words “You don’t have to pay for all your mistakes”.  ‘Into Gas’ brings in a Blues flavour combined with a tumbling Synthesiser line that you can hum along with.

This EP seems to have been recorded by another band altogether.  Lyrically, musically and vocally it’s a huge leap forward.  However, I notice that the old songs are still going to be on the album.  So perhaps my renewed love of Duels might be short lived, unless they’ve done some mighty fine re-recording.

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Duels Website / Duels MySpace Page

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