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August 3, 2006


Science CoverThee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation SPC013: 24th July 2006
1. Science
“How the sweet birds fly, they have hollow bones, made for the sky, not like you, or I”
2. Happiness
“We can make, war with our mouths, ’til the fillings fall out, and melt, melt them all down, to one shiny pound, they’re not calling time so let’s spend it on wine”
3. Florence
“Cos maybe I should be declining, but when I’m with you, the sun starts shining, I know, that you didn’t mean to fuck me around”

‘Science’ reminds you of how much of our lives are dependant on technology and how little we notice it.  It’s a largely acoustic song with the beautiful tones of songwriter Nat Johnson’s voice gliding over the top.  There is also a wonderful Recorder solo at the end which banishes all thoughts of ear piercing School recitals from your mind, or as their MySpace page puts it “Putting the COR! back into Recorder”.

‘Happiness’ reminds me of a lost Beautiful South track and that’s not just because the subject is drinking, it’s got all of the wit and Pop appeal too.  ‘Florence’ tackles that old subject of leaving someone, set to the music of a more graceful Libertines with an added Spanish Guitar flavour.

I’ve known about Monkey Swallows The Universe for a while now, but I’d never got round to listening to them.  Clearly, I’ve been missing out big time.

Florence mp3
Sheffield Shanty mp3
Jimmy Down The Well mp3
Martin (Live) mp3

Click here to buy ‘Science’ or their debut album ‘The Bright Carvings’ for only £7.

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