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August 6, 2006

THE RACONTEURS – Hands (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Hands CoverXL Recordings XLS236CDST / XLS236AST / XLS236BST: 31st July 2006
1. Hands
“Girl, you got those eyes, that see, help me find the good that’s inside me, ‘Cause you’re the only one, who really knows, how the feeling comes and why it goes”
2. Intimate Secretary (Live)
“I’ve got a rabbit, it likes to hop, I’ve got a girl and she likes to shop, the other foot looks like it won’t drop, I had an uncle but he got shot”
3. Store Bought Bones (The Zane Rendition)
“Sitting at the edge of the sea, wishing you were here by me, sifting through the mud and the bricks, looking for a store bought fix”
4. Hands (Live)
“When you’re with me there’s a light and I can see my way, when you speak to me it’s a song and I know what to say”
5. It Ain’t Easy (Live)
“When you climb to the top of the mountain, look out over the sea, think about the place, perhaps, where a young man can be”

I thought that The Raconteurs’ last single ‘Steady, As She Goes’ must have been a Jack White song, and I’m just as sure that ‘Hands’ is by Brendan Benson. It’s got all those wonderful Pop sensibilities that have made his Solo singles so special. It seems sweet at first, but by god this song fuckin’ rocks. Most of this aggression is supplied by Pete Townshend like crashing Guitars. It stood out on the album as an obvious choice to be the next single.

When I saw the tracklisting of this release I was less than thrilled, four live tracks aren’t my idea of value for money. But I’m a collector of all things Jack White, so I bought it anyway and I’m glad I did. It’s true that the live version of ‘Hands’ is far from essential but the live version of ‘Intimate Secretary’ is quite different to the album recording. The Psychedelic Rock sound of the original is replaced by a semi-acoustic, Beatles like sweetness, which is given a bitter edge by a trademark Jack White squealing Guitar solo.

The other two B-sides are well worth having. ‘Store Bought Bones (The Zane Rendition)’ combines the music of the sizzling instrumental ‘The Bane Rendition’ with the words of ‘Store Bought Bones’ (‘Zane’ is because it was recorded for Zane Lowe’s show). Creating a mash-up of two of your own songs is an unorthodox move, but a brilliant one. ‘It Ain’t Easy’ is a cover of a song by Ron Davies, which was made famous by David Bowie. It feels much more earthy than Bowie’s version but is let down by an odd hissing sound in the background (Unlike most radio sessions, it was broadcast and recorded live, which may explain the screw up).

Crazy (Live Gnarls Barkley Cover) mp3

Here are links to the videos for ‘Steady, As She Goes (Cow Version)’, ‘Steady, As She Goes (Soap-Box Version)’ and ‘Hands’ on YouTube.

The Raconteurs Website / The Raconteurs MySpace Page
Store Bought Bones Fansite

August 6, 2006

THE HOLLOWAYS – Two Left Feet (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Two Left Feet CoverTVT Records HOLLOCD1 / HOLLO1 / HOLLO1X: 31st July 2006
1. Two Left Feet
“I can’t really dance, but baby won’t you dance with me, and if you wanna take a chance, then baby take a chance on me”
2. London Town
“I caught the bus and I went to town, it went so slow so I soon jumped off it, it soon sped off and passed me by though”
3. Sound Of The Sunshine
“Any time, any place, you know that every fucker recognises your face”
4. Aspirin
“An able bodied boy with an able mind, he falls for the wrong sort, proving love is blind”
5. Hallelujah I Love Her So
“In the mornin’ when the sun comes up, she brings me coffee in my favourite cup, that’s how I know, yes I know, hallelujah I just love her so”

‘Two Left Feet’ opens with a cheeky reference to The Smiths’ song ‘This Charming Man’ with the line “Hello, I found a stitch to wear, and came out tonight”.  It’s got the most frenetic and insistent use of a Fiddle since ‘Cotton Eye Joe’.  The Holloways might be bad dancers but they can sure write a fine tune.  It was originally the B-side to their first single but they’ve re-recorded it in spectacular fashion with the help of Clive Langer (Morrissey, Elvis Costello, Madness etc).

A solitary B-side has backed previous singles, but this release has four.  ‘London Town’ is the joyous sound of The Strokes after too much Jelly and Ice Cream.  ‘Sound Of The Sunshine’ is okay but doesn’t match the standard of the other tracks.  ‘Aspirin’ has the kind of insightful social commentary not heard since The Specials.  ‘Hallelujah I Love Her So’ is a cover of a Ray Charles song.  It’s the sound of a band having a ball, recording a song they clearly love.  Check out the charming Kazoo and Piano solos at the end, which are followed by giggles of laughter.

The Holloways are shaping up to be a great band, if quality song writing, witty lyrics and ambition are anything to go by.  It takes ambition to write both a footie song and a new UK national anthem (See below).

You can buy exclusive extra tracks (Acoustic version and Statik Remix) from 7Digital.  If you do, you’ll get a free track called ‘We Invented The Game (It’s My Ball, I’m Going Home)’.

I’ve included links to download future hit single and alternative anthem in waiting ‘Great Britain’, which features the great line “Yeah, this is Great Britain and these are our whores, David and Victoria, there’s hope for us all”.

Great Britain mp3
I Should Say Something mp3

Click here to watch the video for ‘Two Left Feet’ on YouTube.

The Holloways Website / The Holloways MySpace Page

August 6, 2006

ALI LOVE – K Hole / Video Dream Girl (7″ Single)

K Hole, Video Dream Girl CoverI Love Records AL001: 31st July 2006
1. K Hole
“The music was twisted, G-G-G-German Techno, I fell asleep in the bass bins, and I puked on my plimsolls”
2. Video Dream Girl
“Here she comes walkin’ down the street, whoa-oh, she don’t deal with the real world, turning heads on the hot concrete, yeah-ah, she my video dream girl”

‘K Hole’ is like Jamie T (To use the old cliché) on Ketamine, literally. The lyrics describe a guy’s debauched night out that’s started by snorting Ketamine by mistake. The night involves going to an underground rave, getting whipped by a dominatrix, beaten up by her boyfriend and finally being chucked bollock naked into a rubbish bin. It makes me want to do that groovy 60’s twist dance thang.

‘Video Dream Girl’ is like The Ramones at their most pop, and after the savage fun of ‘K Hole’ it seemed a bit slight. But when I’d listened a few times I found myself doing all the hand-clap bits. This tune has really got buried into my brain and I can’t stop playing it.

Done The Dirty mp3
Camera On A Pole mp3
K Hole (SebastiAn Remix) mp3

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