ALI LOVE – K Hole / Video Dream Girl (7″ Single)

K Hole, Video Dream Girl CoverI Love Records AL001: 31st July 2006
1. K Hole
“The music was twisted, G-G-G-German Techno, I fell asleep in the bass bins, and I puked on my plimsolls”
2. Video Dream Girl
“Here she comes walkin’ down the street, whoa-oh, she don’t deal with the real world, turning heads on the hot concrete, yeah-ah, she my video dream girl”

‘K Hole’ is like Jamie T (To use the old cliché) on Ketamine, literally. The lyrics describe a guy’s debauched night out that’s started by snorting Ketamine by mistake. The night involves going to an underground rave, getting whipped by a dominatrix, beaten up by her boyfriend and finally being chucked bollock naked into a rubbish bin. It makes me want to do that groovy 60’s twist dance thang.

‘Video Dream Girl’ is like The Ramones at their most pop, and after the savage fun of ‘K Hole’ it seemed a bit slight. But when I’d listened a few times I found myself doing all the hand-clap bits. This tune has really got buried into my brain and I can’t stop playing it.

Done The Dirty mp3
Camera On A Pole mp3
K Hole (SebastiAn Remix) mp3

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