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August 13, 2006

Jarvis – Running The World (Download Single)

Running The World Advert“Well did you hear, there’s a natural order, those most deserving, will end up with the most, that the cream cannot help but always rise up to the top, well I say… shit floats”

The last thing we heard from Jarvis Cocker, was his three song Glam-Rock contribution to the Harry Potter soundtrack. Before that, it was his Electro freak show ‘Relaxed Muscle’. But now he’s returned with a new solo song released under the simple name ‘Jarvis’. It was inspired by the Live8 concert and as the song’s lyrics say “Better put, in the fewest of words, cunts are still running the world”. So it’s a download single only, it won’t be in shops, it won’t be on the radio (As the above advert from the music press testifies).

‘Running The World’ builds from a beautiful Piano line in to a stridently anthemic beast. The Drums thud like the feet of a million people marching and Guitars shimmer over the top. Naturally the lyrics are sharp, witty and angry. It’s everything that Pulp fans have been waiting for since 2002’s ‘The Last Day Of The Miners’ Strike’.

Close your eyes, and imagine if Jarvis had sung it at Live8. The chorus hits, mouths drop open, eyes stare, nobody moves. The song finishes, a few children are crying, faces are drained of colour and an erie silence drifts over the stadium. At home you jump from your couch applauding, cheering and whistling. Finally something to wake you up from the hours of drivel you’ve just witnessed. Oh well, I can dream, it would have been nice.

Click here to watch a live performance of ‘Running The World’ on YouTube. Witness how Jarvis turns a shambolic disaster into a sing-along masterpiece through shear force of talent.

Click here to buy ‘Running The World’ from iTunes (Or visit his MySpace Page for a listen).

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