DAN SARTAIN – Join Dan Sartain (CD Album)

Join Dan Sartain CoverOne Little Indian: 2nd October 2006
1. Drama Queens
“If God exists, then he’s out of control, should be taken from the throne, and I’m happy that he died, ha, ha”
2. Totem Pole
“My face is low, carved on that Totem Pole, and I want my teeth, to be covered all with gold”
3. Gun Vs. Knife
“Well I heard of jealous guys, but this one takes the cake, and he wants to murder me, but I’ve never seen his face”
4. Flight Of The Finch
“He’s got no use for words, he’s the weakest of the birds, and when he spreads his wings, you watch him span”
5. Young Girls
“Those silly boys you’re with, they look like young Republicans”
6. Thought It Over
“Well, where is the progress, and where is the logic, on the level with the common thief”
7. The World Is Gonna Break Your Little Heart
“And no one wants to teach these classes, so they fit you up for rose coloured glasses”
8. Replacement Man
“And you didn’t have to come, if you want me here I is, but when you hold me, all you want to talk about is him”
9. Hangers On
“If I’m in my home town, or I’m across the sea, no matter where I go, the hangers on come after me”
10. Besa Me Mucho
“So dearest one, if you should leave me, then each little dream will take wings, and my life will be through”
11. Spaghetti-O Beard
“I wanted it so, and I would steal it just to own it”
12. Second Coming
“I only know, that Hell is getting hotter, the Devil’s getting smarter all the time”
13. Indian Ink
“Well I had a love, out of vinegar and piss, I mark out your name and I try to forget yeah”
14. Shenanigans
“And I’m not gonna give you another chance, you get me on a string, well you can watch me dance”
15. Love Is Black

Dan Sartain’s first proper album (After a couple of rare self-released CDs) was ‘Dan Sartain Vs. The Serpientes’. It was one of the best records released last year but it was a collection of new and old songs. The song writing standard was consistent but the production was not. For me, that held it back from classic status but now his new release ‘Join Dan Sartain’ is a totally new album (Trivia: Dan considered calling it ‘Audio Erotic Asphyxiation’).

The album brings to mind the films of Sergio Leone for two reasons. First musically it’s influenced by the more Guitar heavy elements of Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks. The other reason is that Dan casts himself as the lone Cowboy fighting injustice where he finds it, but who’s also almost as corrupt himself. On the standout track ‘Thought It Over’, Dan rails against poverty, capitalism and politicians but never lays it on with a trowel. The downtrodden masses are a recurring theme of the album.

The other themes of the record are betrayal and jealousy. Betrayal by God in ‘Drama Queens’, betrayal by a lover in ‘Shenanigans’ and betrayal by life itself in ‘The World Is Gonna Break Your Little Heart’. Dan feels jealous of material possessions in ‘Spaghetti-O Beard’ and jealous of love in ‘Totem Pole’ and ‘Indian Ink’. But on ‘Gun Vs. Knife’ and ‘Hangers On’, Dan is the object of other people’s jealousy. Most of humanities other darker emotional tendencies make appearances, like hate, bitterness and violence.

The only low point here is on ‘Shenanigans’. I suspect Dan must have picked up the word on his tour of the UK because as far as I know it’s not a common American word. He seems to think the word means adultery, murder, lies and things of that nature but the dictionary describes it as “High-spirited behaviour”. So the chorus just sounds a bit silly and spoils an otherwise great song and ends the album on a bum note. Maybe in time I’ll get used to it and overall this is a fantastic record that will be a contender for album of the year.

‘Join Dan Sartain’ isn’t out for a month and a half but I’m a rabid Dan Sartain fan so I bought a promo copy on Ebay. I suggest you do the same.

Baby’s Town mp3 (Outtake from ‘The Serpientes’ LP)
Not The Boy She Knew mp3 (Rare early song)

Click here to buy the limited ‘Sartain Family Legacy 1981-1998’ Compilation.

Here are links to watch Dan in the studio recording ‘Besa Me Mucho’, on YouTube or as a Quicktime file.

Dan Sartain MySpace Page
Cass Website / Swami Website
One Little Indian Website / Sky Bucket Website

6 Comments to “DAN SARTAIN – Join Dan Sartain (CD Album)”

  1. I have known Dan since 1995.
    This new album is OUTSTANDING.
    I will see him in Alabama in October.
    Maybe I can get another copy of “love is crimson,” which I foolishly lent a “friend” years ago and never saw them again.
    Thanks for the song from that LP.

  2. Re Adam: Some artists have a cheeky self-promotion streak like The Spinto Band or The White Stripes. Since I’d never seen any copies of Dan’s previous albums on Ebay, I half suspected he made them up to give himself a back story.

    But since you say you had a copy, they must exist. I hope I find myself copies of them one day.


  3. What is that Love Is Crimson album like? Similar to his other albums at all?

  4. I have a c.d. he handed somebody 4 years ago and written on top of it was “romance in stereo”
    Is this the same as “Love is crimson”?
    Its fantastic I think and in many ways better than the band heavy serpiente album.
    Most of the tracks are just dan, his four track, and a guitar. The last two or three songs sound like he played an old record in the background with a keyboard.
    Join!is also great. I’d give him a grammy just for “World is going to break your little heart”

  5. Re: Dave. I’ve got ‘Romance In Stereo’ already. If it’s the same as yours it runs 1. boy she knew, 2. love is crimson, 3. cobras… etc. I downloaded it from soulseek.

    Did the CD come with any artwork? I’m curious to find out what it looked like.


  6. Hey you Dan Satrain lovers!
    can anyone send me the LC number od the Join Dan Satrain album???

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