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August 16, 2006

GOODBOOKS – Turn It Back (Download Single)

Turn It Back Cover 15th August 2006
“I have a fear of flying, though I’ve jumped from the sky, and I wake up falling, but in this dream I die”

‘Turn It Back’ is way better than either track from GoodBooks’ last single. It’s kind of like an Art-rock version of The Postal Service. The lyrics hint at feelings of despair, regret and fear.

The press release says “It might be on the album, and it might not” so don’t miss out. Here are links to download the mp3, the artwork and the lyrics.

Also, visit Marvin The Martian’s site to buy his ‘Hoods & Badges’ EP because it’s got his brilliant Re-working of ‘Walk With Me’ (Re-titled ‘I Don’t Go’).

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