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August 17, 2006

FEAR OF FLYING – Routemaster (CD Single)

Routemaster CoverYoung & Lost Club YALC000817CD: 7th August 2006
1. Routemaster
“An aisle to dance, a glass of wine, my ballroom bus, and then we dine, If we’re inspected, don’t you flinch, I’ve got fresh oysters, by the drinks”
2. Round Three (Demo)
“A tendency to keep it simple at points, a connection of body-parts fused at the joints”

‘Routemaster’ is the strangely captivating story of one Bus Driver seducing another. However, based on my experience, it’s a surprise that they harbour any emotions beyond a deep loathing for the scum that they’ve forced to chauffeur around. It’s got the sound of The Futureheads embracing Pop instead of shying away from it. There is also an angelic intro chant of “I’ve waited nineteen roads for you…” that sounds like a mix between The Rumble Strips and Talking Heads. If you don’t sing along with the chorus I’ll be very surprised. When the Bass came in at 2.45 I was head banging like a lunatic, and this couldn’t sound less like Motörhead.

‘Round Three’ doesn’t match up to the A-side, but it is a demo after all. It’s got some great drumming, Bass Guitar and lyrics but the production lets it down. Stephen Street (Morrissey, Blur, Graham Coxon etc) didn’t produce ‘Round Three’ but he did produce ‘Routemaster’, so hopefully he’ll lend his skills to more of their songs in the future.

Already Young & Lost Club have given us singles by Larrikin Love, Vincent Vincent & The Villains and Good Shoes. It looks like they’ve done it again and discovered another great new band.

Secret Eyes (Demo) mp3
Heart Attack (Demo) mp3

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