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August 23, 2006

PRIMAL SCREAM – Dolls (2x CD & 7″ Singles)

Dolls CoverBMG 82876871632 / 82876871622 / 82876871627: 7th August 2006
1. Dolls
“Saw you walking down the street, holding hands with some other guy, wearing a sharkskin suit, black patent leather boots, big brown flying saucer eyes”
2. It’s Not Enough
“You can give me diamonds, rubies as well, oh big deal baby, I still feel like hell”
3. Zeppelin Blues While Thinking Of Robert Parker
“I got a red hot moma, sexy as can be, got a red hot moma, she’s good to me”
4. Bloods (2 Lone Swordsmen Remix)
“I don’t know why you said you could, but you saw me”
5. Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar (Live At XFM)
“Gearhead Candy’s the nitro queen, bad motorcycle, ya know what I mean”

‘Dolls’ distils everything that’s good about histories greatest Rockers into four glorious minutes. The riff is nicked from The Rolling Stones, there’s a bit of Glam from Marc Bolan, there’s Guitars and aggression from Oasis and a pseudo-poetic interlude purloined from Patti Smith. The interlude takes the form of a verse sung by guest vocalist Alison Mosshart (aka VV from The Kills) which Bobby thrillingly introduces by screaming “Here she comes now… alright!”. Sure this song’s Spinal Tap, but lets not forget that Spinal Tap we’re a bloody good band.

‘It’s Not Enough’ is a cover of a song from Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers’ 1977 album ‘L.A.M.F.’. Primal Scream’s version is more country and less Rock than the original. It’s powerful stuff and Bobby sounds genuinely exhausted, and no more than at 1.28 when he sighs “Down”. ‘Zeppelin Blues While Thinking Of Robert Parker’ is another Rocker, which you could guess from the hilarious title. Naturally it’s based around a Zep like Riff and the sound of a Rock ‘n’ Roll band absolutely on fire. As far as I know there isn’t an Un-Remixed version of ‘Bloods’ available. Whatever the original was like the ‘2 Lone Swordsmen Remix’ features a deathly evil Bass line, but it’s similarity to ‘Little Death’ probably prevented it from being included on the album. The live version of ‘Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar’ doesn’t really do anything to merit its inclusion.

Visit Primal Scream’s website to use their Video/Audio player to watch any of their videos and to listen to the tracks from this single.

Here’s a link to download a Demo of ‘Dolls’ I found with the interlude performed by Bobby instead of Alison.

Also here’s an amazing mash-up of ‘Loaded’ and The Jungle Brothers and If you’re interested here’s a clip of the Peter Fonda movie that the famous quote is taken from “Just what is it that you want to do?”.

Lastly click here to download Johnny Thunders’ original version of ‘It’s Not Enough’.

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