THE SPINTO BAND – Oh Mandy (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)

Oh Mandy CoverRadiate RDTCDX18 / RDTS18 / RDTSX18: 14th August 2006
1. Oh Mandy
“I got a gnome in the backyard, I put him right on the X mark, he’s supposed to show me where the money is, hey wont you show me where the money is”
2. Let’s See What Develops
“If my clothes are second hand, and you look good in jeans, let’s see what develops, over time we could see”
3. Road To Newark
“We can head to the main streets, eat at a Cafe, and shop for records, good oldies”
4. That’s What Isn’t Wrong
“Ask me a question about all of my family ties, and I’ll tell you what blood type they have”
5. Oh Mandy (Demo)
“Remind me once more where this is going, before I fling it out into the ocean”

To me, The Spinto Band’s two songwriters Nick Krill and Thomas Hughes, are in competition for my adoration. Usually Thomas Hughes wins out, but on this release he’s written just one song and Nick Krill turns in three brilliant compositions.

‘Oh Mandy’ is the kind of catchy and sugary Pop that some people might find just that little bit too sweet for their tastes. Nick’s manic tones are complimented by the backing vocals sighs of “Oh Mandy” and the distinctive Mandolin (Which the band have recently had stolen, the swines!). The Demo version only differs proficiency wise from the A-side, so it’s not really essential.

‘Let’s See What Develops’ is a storm of plucked Strings, Guitars and great lyrics. It really takes off when the Drums kick in at 1.17. Lines like “When I am the contract, and you’re the breach” are worthy of Nick Hannon. ‘Road To Newark’ is one of those great driving songs with that familiar chugging motor rhythm. The lyrics paint a picture of the sights and sounds of a drive round New York. ‘That’s What Isn’t Wrong’ is Thomas Hughes’ only contribution and at fifty-three seconds long, it’s a brief one. It’s a strange nursery rhyme that needs repeated listens if you’re to stand any chance of understanding what it’s on about (I haven’t, so far).

Click here to buy the ‘Nice & Nicely Done’ album from HMV for only £8.99.

Here are links to watch the videos for ‘Oh Mandy – On Later’, ‘Brown Boxes – On Later’, ‘Did I Tell You?’, ‘Oh Mandy Version 1’ and ‘Oh Mandy Version 2’ on YouTube.

The Spinto Band Website / The Spinto Band MySpace Page


7 Comments to “THE SPINTO BAND – Oh Mandy (CD & 2x 7″ Singles)”

  1. these guys are from where i live–i drive the road to newark every day! in fact, the record store they mention is my favorite haunt.

  2. Re: mjrc. I was unsure if the lyric was “Mean” streets or “Main” streets. Does Newark have ‘mean’ streets? Do you share my view that Thomas Hughes is the better songwriter? He should get a solo project together.


  3. you know, it struck me as odd that they would say “mean streets,” as there really aren’t any in newark! so yes, it would be main street, that makes much more sense.

    truth be told, i don’t own the cd, only have a few songs, so i don’t know who writes what. but i’ll take your word for it about hughes.

    they’re opening for art brut in oct. in philadelphia. what a great show that will be.

  4. Re: mjrc. I love Art Brut, they’ve been a bit quite for a while now.

  5. Yeah, I can’t speak on their behalf, but I’m pretty sure they’re talking about Newark, Delaware (pronounced “New Ark”), not New York or Newark, NJ.
    That’s funny, because when I saw Newark, people always think I’m saying New York.

  6. Oh, and….
    “We can head to the main streets, eat at a Cafe, and shop for records, good oldies”

    The main drag in Newark (DE) is Main Street, filled with cafes and record shops. Runs right through the University of Delaware.

  7. Re Pollyhyper. I bow to your geographical knowledge. Main Street in Delaware sounds lovely. Record shops and Cafes ahhhh… my idea of heaven!

    Ryan (StopMe)

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