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August 26, 2006

THE WHITE STRIPES – Blue Orchid: Remixes (12″ Single)

Blue Orchid Remixes CoverXL Recordings XLT216: February 2006
1. Blue Orchid (Michel Gondry Remix)
“You got a reaction, you got a reaction didn’t you, you took a white orchid, you took a white orchid and turned it blue”
2. Blue Orchid (First Nations Remix)
“You’re given a flower, but I guess that there’s just no pleasing you, your lip tastes sour, bet you think that it’s just me teasing you”

I’ve just discovered a limited Remix 12″ from The White Stripes. It seems that it hasn’t really been advertised and it’s only available through the official online shop (Even Ebay copies are scarce). The 12″ features two Remixes of ‘Blue Orchid’ by visual collaborators Michel Gondry and Jim Jarmusch.

The ‘Michel Gondry Remix’ is simply the original track with a guy revving his motorbike in the background. A similar effect can be achieved by sticking your copy of ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ in your car stereo and winding down the window. I might try “Remixing” Jamie Cullum by recording a toilet flushing in the background (Ouch!). Jim Jarmusch has been much more adventurous with his ‘First Nations Remix’ by splicing in samples of Native American music. Meg’s ferocious drumming is replaced with a more tribal beat and Jim cuts the Guitars up a bit too. It’s not entirely successful but still well worth having.

Based on this, it’s clear why Jim and Michel are respected, award-winning filmmakers… and not music producers. But if like me, you have to have every bit of vinyl that Mr Jack White III has had a hand in, you’ll buy it anyway.

Click here to visit The White Stripes shop. The 12″ is quite pricey at around £20 (£10 for the record, £10 for the postage).

Jack White – Love Is Truth mp3 (An audio recording of that brilliant Coke advert song).

Here are links to watch Michel Gondry’s videos for ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’, ‘Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground’, ‘The Hardest Button To Button’ and ‘The Denial Twist’ on YouTube.

Also click here to watch Jack and Meg’s appearance in Jim Jarmusch’s 2003 film ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’ on YouTube.

Click here to download ‘White Enemy’, an unbelievably brilliant mash-up of ‘Seven Nation Army’ and ‘Bring The Noise’ by Public Enemy.

Click here to download the original unreleased version of ‘Here Comes The Fuzz’ by Mark Ronson (Jack’s Guitar was removed for the official version at his request).

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