BOX CODAX – Naked Smile (10″ Single)

Naked Smile CoverThe Thin Man TTM004: 21st August 2006
1. Naked Smile
“Money can’t buy what you’re searching, and you can feel it in your heart”
2. Naked Smile (Dabaumann Organorgel)
3. Naked Smile (Metronomy Remix)
“All that matters is your naked body, all that matters is your naked smile”

Box Codax are Alexander Ragnew & Nick McCarthy (That’s right, Nick from Franz Ferdinand). ‘Naked Smile’ is like a car accident involving Prince, David Byrne and Kraftwerk. Nick is German/Scottish so that that would lead me guess that Alexander is from Minneapolis (But I believe he’s actually German as well). Nick’s wife Manuela performs the sugar-sweet backing vocals. ‘Naked Smile’ can only be the product of two equally deranged minds.

The ‘Dabaumann Organorgel’ instrumental version features a Jimmy Smith style Organ and little else. The ‘Metronomy Remix’ wierds things up another notch, which is no mean feet. The totally unexpected Synth-Brass bit at 3.07 is rather wonderful and puts images of Rick Wakeman resplendent in full wizard gear in your head.

Click here to pre-order the ‘Only An Orchard Away’ album from HMV for only £7.99. Each track inhabits a genre of it’s own and will surely win the award for ‘Most Bizarre Album Of 2006’.

Box Codax Website / Box Codax MySpace Page


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