HOW TO CURE DYSLEXIA – Falling Over (7″ Single)

Falling Over CoverOutput OPR97: 21st August 2006
1. Falling Over
“I hear Bag-Pipes when I breathe in, and ‘most every single evenin’, is sat in by the Telly, alone and empty belly”
2. Around The Houses

‘Falling Over’ is like a gentler Syd Barret or a male Aimee Mann taking a comical but ultimately sad look at being old and finding yourself alone. David Miller’s vocals also remind me of Russell from The Research. It’s mostly played on the Acoustic-Guitar with delicate touches of Organ and that ‘clipity-clop’ percussion you get in old western movies. After just one listen, it sounds like an old favourite that you’ve heard a million times before.

‘Around The Houses’ is a Country tinged Instrumental that exhudes summery magic. The images it conjures up say more to me than any lyrics probably could’ve, and that’s a high compliment.

Instead of buying this 7″ you might want to go and buy a copy of July’s ‘Take It Outside’ EP since it features both tracks. It also has four others and will only cost you a few pounds more.

Click here to watch a video for the song ‘Little Else’ on YouTube.

How To Cure Dyslexia MySpace Page

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