MARVIN THE MARTIAN – Hoods & Badges (Download EP)

Hoods & Badges Cover 5th June 2006
1. I Don’t Go (Alone)
“With twenty other people, I share my home, and the only thing I feel, when I’m here is alone, with a pen, a pad, a TV, a PS1 and poems, at 12.00 it’s my curfew, I just want someone to phone”
2. Around The Way
“Mr Politician and Mr Cop, and every bad mind teacher that wished I flopped, managed to stay afloat with it all on top”
3. Stay Off The Kane
“I walk around your room, sometimes when you’re sleepin’, I shimmy up the drainpipe to the bathroom, and just sneak in, and sometimes I sleep in your attic on the weekend”

Recently Statik and Babyshambles have been getting loads of press concerning the ‘Grindie’ scene. But you might have forgotten that Marvin The Martian and Art Brut were doing it two years ago with ‘Stay Off The Kane’. The title of the EP references the ‘Hoods’ of the Grime scene and the ‘Badges’ of the Indie scene. But these items have become interchangeable and perhaps that’s the point.

‘I Don’t Go (Alone)’ features completely new lyrics over a sample of ‘Walk With Me’ by GoodBooks. Marvin’s done that Chipmunks/Cold-As-Ice thing with the vocals, which may annoy some ears, but don’t let that put you off. His words are about being stuck in a lonely youth-shelter, then being attacked by a gang of thugs, and generally being trapped in Britain’s urban hell.  ‘Around The Way’ is a tour round Marvin’s neighbourhood on the back of a motorbike. I love the bit in the middle where it drops into the national anthem “I’m Marv The Martian, I represent UK, Britain never, never, never, shall be slain” before Marvin announces “Ah, back to business” and the song resumes. ‘Stay Off The Kane’ is the track that started it all by sampling Art Brut’s ‘Emily Kane’. The original was about Eddie Argos pining for his first love, but Marvin’s version takes it in a darker direction by casting himself as a psychotic stalker.

Click here to buy the EP from 7Digital, but it’s also available from Napster and iTunes (I managed to find a physical promo CD on Ebay).

Click here to download Marvin’s sixteen-minute Mixtape as an mp3. It samples The Maccabees, Kate Bush and others. Unlike Statik’s Grindie Mixtape, he hasn’t just played two records together badly and added gun shots. Just listen to him giving shout-outs to his Indie heroes at the start.

Marvin The Martian – Stay Off The Kane mp3
The Knack Vs Art Brut – My Sherona Formed A Band mp3

Click here to watch Marvin perform a live medley of ‘Stay Off The Kane’, ‘I Don’t Go (Alone)’ and ‘Hate This Job’ on YouTube.

Finally click here to buy the ‘Bang Bang Rock & Roll’ album by Art Brut from HMV for only £9.99. I promise you won’t regret it.

Marvin The Martian Website / Marvin The Martian MySpace Page
Art Brut Website / Art Brut MySpace Page
GoodBooks Website / GoodBooks MySpace Page


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