McALMONT & BUTLER – Speed (7″ Single)

Speed CoverRough Trade RTRADS366: 21st August 2006
1. Speed
“Living is changing faster, can you feel it, nothing stays the same for long, these days, yeah, faster than the bullet trains in the East, yeah, a destination uncertain, on the wind, yeah”
2. Speed (Instrumental)

Apparently David McAlmont and Bernard Butler recorded this song a few years back but it’s only now getting a release.  I can’t hear why it should ever have been held back, it’s fantastic.

‘Speed’ kicks off with apocalypticily massive Drums that clash throughout the track like planets colliding.  Strings soar between the speakers like the best bits of your favourite Bond themes.  Over the top of this epic sound, David McAlmont’s heavenly voice describes the frenetic pace of modern life.  Listen to the way he enunciates every syllable of the line “Your dreams could be forgotten”.  McAlmont & Butler’s finest moment was undoubtedly their 1995 single ‘Yes’, and I’m sure you’re wondering if it matches up.  Well I wouldn’t go so far as “Yes” but I would say “Almost”.  The ‘Instrumental’ allows you to hear some beautifully expressive Guitar playing in the middle that you don’t notice when David McAlmont’s voice is laid over the top.

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Click here to watch a breathtaking performance of ‘Yes’ on Later and hear to watch a live acoustic version of ‘Speed’ on YouTube.

McAlmont & Butler Website / McAlmont & Butler MySpace Page
Bernard Butler Website / Bernard Butler MySpace Page
David McAlmont Website / David McAlmont MySpace Page

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