DECORATION – Candidate / Job In London (7″ Single)

Candidate, Job In London Cover13 B Sides BEES3: 21st August 2006
1. Candidate
“They call you echo, ’cause you always answer back, and you’re the focus of my attention, and how you must love that”
2. Job In London
“I got more chance raisin’ Lazarus, than to turn you round, ’cause there’s more life in this mattress, than we’ve got here in this old town”

Musically ‘Candidate’ is very reminiscent of a Pixies song, but I can’t remember which one.  Lyrically it paints a picture of shy embarrassment worthy of Morrissey and I love the way Stuart Murray sings the line “I can do that for myself, thank you”.  ‘Job In London’ is a slow building anthem that explodes halfway through.  It’s the kind majesty that Snow Patrol strive for, but never quite attain.  Once again I love the way Stuart’s voice drops right down for the line “To mend this bleeding heart”.

I can understand why this is a double A-side, I can’t put a hair between the two, quality wise.  I liked their last single ‘Pine’, but I’m absolutely in-love with this.

Intercom mp3

As a stop gap before the new album you can pre-order a compilation of rarities called ‘Flippant’ from the Decoration Website (You can also buy all the other releases).

Decoration Website / Decoration MySpace Page

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