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August 31, 2006

L&P – Reggae Rigby / Fu-Gee-La-Stylee (7″ Single)

Reggae Rigby, Fu-Gee-La-Stylee CoverL&P RIGBY001: 21st August 2006
1. The Beatles Vs Tanya Stephens – Reggae Rigby
“Father McKenzie wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave, no one was saved”
2. The Fugees Vs Junior Byles – Fu-Gee-La-Stylee
“Fake bullets can’t scar me, I can smell the weak out like safari, play you out like Atari, sacrifice you Hari Kari”

I just picked up this great white label mash-up 7″.  ‘Reggae Rigby’ does exactly what it says on the tin by mixing The Beatles classic ‘Eleanor Rigby’ with Tanya Stephens’ Reggae tune ‘It’s A Pity’.  The blend is seemless.

On the flip ‘Fu-Gee-La’ by The Fugees is mixed with another slice of Reggae by Junior Byles called ‘Fade Away’.  It’s superb and a big improvement on the original, but The Fugees always had Reggae influences so it’s not as much fun as the A-side.

You can order this 7″ from Piccadilly records.

August 31, 2006

THOM YORKE – Harrowdown Hill (CD & 7″ Single)

Harrowdown Hill CoverXL Recordings XLS238CD / XLS238: 21st August 2006
1. Harrowdown Hill
“Don’t walk the plank like I did, you will be dispensed with, when you’ve become inconvenient”
2. The Drunkk Machine
“Spitting nonsense, spitting feathers, talking in tongues, swivelling heads, splitting hairs”
3. Harrowdown Hill (Extended Mix)
“I can’t take their pressure, no one cares if you live or die, they just want me gone, they want me gone”
4. Jetstream
“Between the whip-crack and the moonbeams, ’cause it goes from where we’re heading, the gleaming teeth of the in-between, I can hear some people laughing”

‘Harrowdown Hill’ was the place where weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly’s body was discovered.  Thom Yorke’s first solo single tries to tackle the issue and gives voice to doubts as to whether his death was really suicide, with lines like “Did I fall or was I pushed?” and “Where’s the blood?”.  Musically, it’s most similar to a superb B-side from Radiohead’s last album called ‘Paperbag Writer’.  There is a kind of dry, glitchy and claustrophobic Funk sound with a haunting Piano segment in the middle.  It’s included in the original version and as an extended seven-minute mix.

From the sound of ‘The Drunkk Machine’ it seems entirely possible that Thom was “Drunkk” when he made it.  It’s an incomprehensible mix of scattershot beats and messy Synthesisers, but it’s still worth a listen.  ‘Jetstream’ is far better and is as close to rapping as Thom is likely to come.  He spits lines out at breakneck speed over what sounds like a combination of Human Beatbox and monks chanting.

Click here to download an amazing mash-up of Thom Yorke and Kelly Clarkson (It’s incredible the way the vocals intertwine).

Click here to read Wikipedia’s entry about Dr. David Kelly.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Harrowdown Hill’ on YouTube.

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